Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Body Shop Event in Nottingham

A few weeks ago, I went an event at the Nottingham Bridlesmith Gate Body Shop (sorry it's taken me so long to upload), all about showcasing their products and we even got a sneak peak of a new Autumn collection - out now btw. 

Here's a few pictures of the great evening. 

Sad to admit, but I hadn't been to a Body Shop shop in ages prior to this event. But going this made me realise I do miss Body Shop. I'm a massive sucker for their lip balms and always stock up on their lip balm gift set during Christmas.

Walking in the store felt really open and light and clean. I really like the layout of shelves at Body Shop - it looks clean and uncluttered.

We got to try some products and some of their skincare and beauty experts were their to advice us if we needed any help. The Drops of Youth Liquid Peel was one product I tried, it acts as a kind of exfoliator, getting rid of all the gunk from your skin. It's great for cleaning and cleansing your skin and makes you realise just how much the environment can impact on your skin. 

Not to mention your skin feels so soft afterwards.

Vegan Friendly and No Animal Testing

Body Shop have recently released their vegan friendly face masks - a collection of 6 different masks. They're also really big on supporting no animal testing and their products aren't tested on animals.

One of their newest releasing ranges we got to try was a Vanilla Pumpkin one (out now). It smells amazing and I promise you'll want to it as soon as you smell it. Definitely worth a buy.

It was really interesting to find what I didn't know about my skin. I spoke to one of the skincare experts and they did a dehydration test on my skin - making me realise my skin isn't all that bad. My cheeks are just dry - I'd actually expected my skin to dehydrated not dry. She recommended a few bits and I did end up buying them. I'll do a post on these once I've properly tried and tested them. 

It was a great eve! Thank you for having us, Bridlesmith Body Shop. 



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