Saturday, 10 June 2017

Europe 2017 Diaries. A bit of German history.

I'm going to be honest, when I booked this trip Germany or Amsterdam (our final stop) had never been the real reasons why I booked it. They were just added bonuses for me.

We didn't have long in Germany but spent some time in Munich. Unfortunately, I got a little ill while I was there and had to spend some time in bed. 

Munich very much reminded me of London - modern and lively.

One thing you have to do whilst in Munich is visit the massive beer hall - Hofbrau and drink a stein - a litre of beer. If you don't like beer, they have a kind of shandy which tastes a lot nicer! Oh and eat a massive pretzel, which looks pretty cool. 

Germany was one of the places, we actually had an early-ish, quiet night in. 

On our way out from Munich, we went somewhere quite hard hitting - Dachau Concentration Camp. Visiting Dachau hit me harder than I expected. Hitler and The Jews was such a big, inescapable part of German history but seeing where he 'kept' them was more difficult that I expected. 

It was interesting to see it all and learn more about that time. If you do get the chance, go and visit one because like I said it is such a big part of history. 

The Rhine Valley - St Goar
Our final stop in Germany came in a small town in The Rhine Valley, called Sankt Goar. It's a small, quiet but beautiful and quaint town bordering the River Rhine (I hope I'm right in saying that). 

We had a quick beer demo whilst we were there and then a wine tasting. It's weird but I think during this trip I began to appreciate different wines and their flavours. The evening was topped off with a hilarious quiz night too. 

I did enjoy Germany, however, of all the places we visited sadly I'm not sure I'd go back to Munich. This is completely a personal thing and I don't want to put anyone off going. I would love to see other parts of Germany though.

Tom and Simo
I've talked a bit about the people I met. But let me now 'introduce' you to our Tour Manager - Tom and Coach Driver - Simo. These two make a brilliant pair. Similar to the people I met, without these two I don't think my trip would have been half as memorable. They made me laugh. They taught me things I never knew about each country. They just made a great trip.

I have so much respect for both of them, spending as much as they must do on the road, in different places and countries. We shared some great memories and there will always be little things that remind me of them and trip. I have a little soft spot for Tom and Simo. 


That ends Germany. Final stops calling... Amsterdam...

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