Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Review: Tom Ford Indian Rose Lipstick

I've always been one that maybe, surprisingly, has dreamt of the day I owned some Tom Ford makeup. I know it's not 'that' expensive but I've just never been able to justify spending that much myself. 

But a few months ago, my first Tom Ford lipstick landed in my hands. The shade - Indian Rose. And the excitement was real, let's put it that way. 

Now, if you've read any of my previous posts, you'll know I've developed a love of matte lipsticks lately. So, when I realised this wasn't matte, I was at first a little 'meh' but of course being TF I wasn't going to not use it.

First of all, let's just talk about packaging. 

TF obviously know how to market themselves well as a high-end brand. The lipstick packaging definitely looks and feels luxurious. The deep black/brown and added gold give the lipstick that elegant touch. And the engraved TF on top of the lip feels like that mark of a high-end product. 

Even, the actual weight of the lipstick packaging feels heavier than a lot of my other lipsticks. Another touch of expense.

Onto the actual lipstick...

The actual lipstick also has that stamp of high-end with TF etched into the top of it. 

Indian Rose is a nudey pink shade - so it was still a shade very up my street - that glides on effortlessly. It feels very light weight on your lips and almost melts onto my lips, I found. I've found that from wearing it over the past few weeks, it does sway more to the pinky nude side. 

So it doesn't go with all my outfits and moods. You need to be in a pinky tinged mood and definitely not be wearing any red clothes or shoes. 

This lipstick also feels very creamy and moisturising on my lips, almost as if I'm wearing a lip balm. It's a very similar colour to my actual lips but with that added pinky shade. I've found myself picking up this TF lipstick on those warmer days, when I've wanted to feel a bit more Springy and warmer. 

One thing... I do find myself re-applying this lipstick during the day, so I'd love some other thoughts on whether other people do this or not. 

Considering how much I've been loving my matte consistencies, I was surprised that I do really like this non-matte one! It ticks most of the other boxes I look for in a lipstick - colour, moisturising, consistency... 

In all honesty, I was expecting it to be pretty decent because it's Tom Ford and not cheap by any means. 

If you've never tried Tom Ford lipsticks but are thinking about it, I'd say go for it. As I said, I've been surprised by how much I've ended up liking this one. It feels great on my lips. I would love to know how to get it to last but I can deal with that.

At £40 a shade, it's one you have to be certain on before you splash. But it's got my thumbs up! So go go go. Go and buy it. Oh I would recommend trying the shades in person, as Indian Rose does look different on the Selfridges (if that's where you're buying from) website than it is. 

I really want to try a TF matte lipstick but they are a little dearer! *crying*

Have you tried any Tom Ford lipsticks? I'd love to know what you think of them.


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