Monday, 8 May 2017

Packing Tips for travelling solo

As you read this, I'll be on a 2 week trip around Europe, solo. Well almost solo, I'm travelling with a small group of others visiting places like Paris, Venice and Amsterdam - more on that when I get back - but I won't actually know anyone until I meet them. 

I'm obviously writing this post a few weeks in advance and as I countdown to the day I leave, I thought I'd share some tips with you about packing for a solo adventure, that I'm slowly learning or have been given.

Packing for a solo adventure is often trickier, and if you're like me stress-ier, than if you're going on a 'normal' holiday. I've found myself really thinking about what I'm packing because I'm going to be the one carrying the weigh around for 14 days! I've definitely found myself packing strategically if you will.

As well as doing a few other things...

Lists, lists, lists

This was the first thing I found myself doing as I had no idea where to even begin. I'm all about lists in everyday life and when you're going away, a list of what to take is always useful. Especially so, if you're doing a solo adventure. It'll help you narrow down the absolute essentials and rule out the more unnecessary. 

Pack mix and match items

Another one of my packing tips for travelling solo is to pack items you can mix and match. Shorts, tops, jeans, leggings... You're obviously going to have to wear clothes more than once so take things you can pair with other items. If it's easier, maybe plan your outfits roughly before you leave so you know how many items you need.

Take layers

Although you'll be packing on a weight, taking some layers is an essential. You can't trust the weather so I'd recommend taking a jacket and 1 or 2 jumpers in case it does get a little chilly at any point. You can always wear your coat/jacket from here and pack in your luggage a few jumpers. 

Travel size for the win

Although you may be allowed to take actual luggage, where you could pack in normal sized products, I'd still recommend taking travel sizes. It takes up less room and weight in your luggage and is easier to carry around, if you did want to ever carry anything your hand bag/rucksack. 

Weigh, weigh, weigh

Make sure you regularly weigh your luggage. Pack what you think are the essentials and then weigh. You'll probably find yourself unpacking and packing and weighing a few times. You need to be sure your luggage is definitely within the allotted weight restrictions. 

Carry, carry, carry

Carry your actual luggage! Make sure you can lift it - one thing I'm dreading as I'm pretty weak - as you'll be the ones carrying it around. As long as it's a manageable weight you can't really go wrong.

Don't add last minute things

One piece of advice I've been given is finish your packing a few days before you leave and don't add anything to it. Don't doubt what you've packed towards the end because you'll end up changing everything. Lock you're suitcase or backpack, put it in another room so it's out of sight and you can't doubt or change what's in there.

Have fun with packing for a solo adventure. Although you have to stick to a weight limit tighter than a normal holiday. You're about to do something amazing so don't get too panicked with the packing. 

I'm so excited to go on this adventure and I'm sure there will be a post about it when I get back. 

Have you got any packing tips for travelling solo?



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