Thursday, 20 April 2017

Tips for the Post University Lifestyle

A few weeks ago I was invited back to my old university - Sheffield Hallam - for an annual Grad Talk, where these graduates are invited back to talk about their experiences after university and entering the working life. 

I was wondering what to post about next and looking through my old posts, I haven't written a post university one yet. So bingo. Here you go.

So, finishing university/college etc. can be a daunting idea however it's really not. You're eager to get a job and start working life yet you don't want to leave the bubble of education. But the best way to look at it is that it's a new chapter in your life. You're bound to feel anxious and wonder what's next but having been there myself I can tell you everything will happen when it's going to.

If you're still at university or college and will soon be taking the next step. Here's some of my tips for preparing yourself for working life:

  • Sort your CV out - Your CV is of course the first thing an employer will use to determine whether you're suitable for a job or not. Make sure it's up to date, easy to read, no more than 2 pages, states key details about yourself (name, address, phone number email etc.) If you are struggling with your CV, most uni's and colleges will have a careers adviser who can tear your CV apart & help you create one employers will consider. From past experience, I'd recommend keeping your CV quite simple with key points about what makes you stand out.
  • Go and get experience - Whether you know what you want your career path to be or not, go and try it. Although studying something will give you a certain set of skills, actually going out there and putting those skills into practice will show you whether you see yourself doing that job in the future or not. You'll learn so much from trying and getting experience. 
  • Utilise Social Media - Make the most of social media. It's a great tool for job hunting and looking for new opportunities. I'd especially recommend LinkedIn. You can make so many contacts through LinkedIn so I'd say get on it.
  • Don't panic - Don't panic if you have no idea what you want to do. Use tip No2 and go and try some areas you find interesting. From that you'll find out what you definitely don't want to do & hopefully find something you do like doing. Take it one step at a time. 
  • Speak to a careers advisor - It might seem a little dorky but most universities and I think colleges will have a career advisor or someone who can help with the next step. Go and use them, especially if you're at uni, you're paying 9k make the most of the resources you have. They're always so useful for CV tips and interview prep and I now do wish I'd used mine at uni. 
  • Speak to someone who has been in your position - It can be really daunting taking the next step into a career. But as I said take it as it comes. Go and speak to someone who has been there and they'll tell you it's not easy but when you get there it's all worth it! 

They're just a few tips I'd give to anyone worries or anxious about leaping into the post education lifestyle. Whatever is going to happen will happen, you just gotta take the time to figure out what you want to do and make sure it's right for you. 

Please do share any other tips you have as well!


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