Saturday, 29 April 2017

Finishing my job and what it's taught me

I wrote a blog post a few weeks ago about Opening Up and within it I explained that I'd finished my job. A scary thought when you're looking for a job but haven't got one yet. Going through it has taught me a few things, I've had a few revelations and I'd just love to share some tips if you are thinking about leaving a job or have just lost your job etc... 
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Not knowing what's next is always a pretty anxious thought for anyone. But when it happens you have no choice but to deal with it. You start to worry about money. You start to worry about when you'll actually find your next job. You just worry - if you're anything like me. But as I've been told many a time, it'll happen when it's meant to. It's only natural for it to take a few months. But those few months can be best thing for you sometimes. 


Use the time to take a step back. To spend time with people that matter. To really work out what interests you if you're stuck with that dilemma. To do things you've always wanted to do. To learn a new skill. To help others. To find your dream job. 

I've been worrying about everything and probably felt everything since I finished work. But then I've always said everything happens for a reason. So you'll find your next one when you're meant to. 

Take the time and spend it on yourself and with the people close to you. Feeling anxious is natural but it does nothing. It won't speed up the process, it'll just cause unnecessary problems for yourselves. 

I guess patience is the key. Keep applying and the right job will come along. 

I've learnt to keep myself busy with things around the house. It's given me the opportunity to sort out my life, my room and even blog in all honesty. Sometimes taking time off is exactly what you need. 

I'm so so excited to see what's next and although I don't want to be sat at home for the next 6 months, if that's what it'll take, that's what it'll take. 

It's scary but take it as it comes is my advice. Stay positive :)

Have you got any advice or learnt anything from finishing at work?


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