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Cocktail Masterclass with Loves Cocktails #NottsCocktails17

Last week (Friday) I was lucky enough to be invited to a cocktail masterclass in Nottingham, with some other lovely East Midlands Bloggers. The event was organised by Loves Cocktails at Brass Monkey Cocktail Bar. Here's a little peek at what we got up to...
Image credit to Brass Monkey Website. (I forgot to take pics of the actual place...duh!)

Of course, as the name of the event suggests, we had the chance to sample some cocktails. However it was more than that.

The evening was all about an event/festival called Nottingham Loves Cocktails. A 7-day cocktail event, which is taking place across Nottingham from Monday 24th April to Sunday 30th April. 

Founder of the idea, Nick, along with the General Manager of Brass Monkey, Ehran,  told us all about his idea behind that event. That it was something he first created in 2013, with the idea of educating and encouraging people to 'drink better, not more.' He started by launching this week long event in his home town of Leeds, then took it to Manchester.

So what actually is Loves Cocktails?

It's not just a chance to drink and get drunk but an opportunity to learn all about cocktails and alcohols and create your own, enter competitions etc... Across each of the 7 days, there are different smaller events you can attend. 

Each mini-event is held at one of the 16 bars and clubs involved in Loves Cocktails. Nick carefully picked the best and most exciting bars in the city to collab with. Having been in the drinks business for a while and attended many, many events himself, he loved the idea of running a cocktail event himself. And so he made it happen. 

A few of the bars and clubs involved include the Orange Tree, The Rum House, 400 Rabbits, Red Dog Saloon and Brass Monkey themselves. 

Wristbands for the event cost £10 and can be bought from the Loves Cocktails website. It may seem a little steep  but once you've got your hands on one you can attend any of the events running through the week! So it's worth it. 

During the cocktail masterclass, Nick gave us some tips on how to make a great cocktail whilst we sampled three very different from each other ones ourselves. 

The first was a twist on a Tom Collins, with Portobello Road Gin, apple juice and thyme. Very refreshing and light (I didn't taste or feel the alcohol at this point haha). 

Quality alcohol, appearance, less but well meshed flavours and garnishing are his key pointers for a good cocktail. Personally for him, he loves to emphasise the idea that cocktails don't need to filled with syrups and sugars to taste yum. And that's one element he looks for when he selects the bars involved in Love Cocktails. 

His passion for the event became clear from the very moment he began talking, which is amazing.

The second one we tried, was a twist on a classic Margarita, with tequila, pineapple and thyme. In all honesty, I wasn't a massive massive fan of this cocktail. I'm not a huge lover of tequila but the pineapple made it drinkable for me.

He wants people to learn the science and story behind cocktails not just that they taste good and get you drunk. How to make an amazing cocktail is what you'll hopefully know by the end of the week. 

The final cocktail, was by far my favourite. It was sweet, which I loved as those are my kind of drinks. I believe Nick said it contained passionfruit, Prosecco and few other bits. Ehran also joked that the cocktail was called 'Passionate Afternoon', I'm pretty sure it's not actually called that. But it was garnished very aesthetically with a cherry and mint, and this is where Nick mentioned how important garnishing can be.

I'm definitely going to attend as many of the mini-events as I can because I just found the Cocktail Masterclass so interesting. Just to hear what makes a great cocktail and the story behind the event has definitely made me want to go. It's been such a success up North and so the Nottingham one has to live up to that. 

It was lovely to meet all the East Midlands Bloggers too. Can't wait for the next event with the girls.

Thanks to Kaylea from willflirtforfood for the pic! :)
Thanks for having us, Nick and Ehran! 

Don't miss out and buy your wristband now for Loves Cocktails... I'll see you there :) #NottsCocktails17


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