Friday, 31 March 2017

Preparing for Spring/Summer

With Spring on it's way (finally I hope), I know I have a few rituals I like to go through to make sure I'm 'ready'. Just things to help me feel organised and ready for the warmer months and to start preparing for Spring/Summer. 

Cleaning out your make-up

Cleaning out my make-up draw is a task I actually did recently to start preparing for Spring/Summer. It always feels good to get rid of stuff I haven't used in ages or probably won't use anymore. I didn't realise how much of it I don't use or is out of date! I've recently started to cut down on the amount of make-up I use and so cleaning out my make-up draw felt good. Either way having a make-up clean is always a great idea because it means you can buy more..oops!

Sorting out your clothes

Sorting through your clothes is another common thing a lot of people will do when preparing for Spring/Summer. If you're anything like me you'll keep collecting clothes but only throw them out when you really have to. I tend to do this just as Spring comes so I can get rid any anything I won't wear and my wardrobe feels fresh for the year ahead. 

Having a re-decorate of your house/rooms

Re-decorating your house or room doesn't have to be a big thing. It could just be changing a rug or adding some new ornaments. But during the warmer months is when people tend to think about re-decorating because it's warmer. And again your room feels fresh for the year ahead. I'm usually making little changes to room in prep for Spring even if it's just moving some furniture round. 

Flowers around the house

I'm a massive flower person and my mum will usually have flowers around the house most of the year. But preparing for Spring usually means more flowers! They just look so pretty and can make any room feel more Summery and bright. If you're allergic to flowers or pollen why not try fake flowers - just as great!

Bring out the brighter colours

Everything tends to become brighter during the warmer months! I'm not sure if this is just a me thing but my nail varnish tends to use, the lipstick shades I wear, even my bed sheets (I know I'm weird) become fresh and brighter. I think as the days get lighter and longer it just makes me want to wear and use lighter colours. 

I love the warmer months and can't wait for Spring to actually start (if we actually get any Spring days). It just makes me feel happier and more motivated to do things! 

Check out this great compilation of 'Spring Cleaning' posts written by different bloggers on Satsuma Loans. Whether it's a digital detox or wardrobe tidy-up, there's some great posts on there.

I'd also love to know if there's anything you do when preparing for Spring/Summer.


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