Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Let's talk bullying! #BeKind

Ok let's get serious for a minute. Bullying affects so many young people and it's not always obvious just how much it affects them. But it is essential to talk about it...

Video of mother speaking out about her daughters suicide. Credit: This Morning

Last week, This Morning, the daytime TV show, launched a campaign called #BeKind. They decided a massive section of their show to bullying and created a video for their website all about bullying. They wanted parents and carers to 'pledge' that would show their children this video and talk to them about bullying. 

They spoke to parents whose children had committed suicide because of bullying. They had a phone-in dedicated to anything bullying related. 

It was heartbreaking! 

I sat there in tears. Wondering how these young people must be feeling to take their own lives and what leads someone to become a bully. 

Fast forward a few days... I was doing my usual evening routine, having dinner and flicking through the television to watch Eastenders. And what do I see? One of the characters being bullied by others her age. Again I stopped and thought - what leads someone to bully? Later that evening we were sat round and my sister-in-law bought up the topic of bullying as she's read an article a few days ago. And that's what has prompted me to right this post. 

Thankfully, I have never been bullied but I can only imagine the feeling. The feeling of someone putting you down, criticising something you do, making you feel worthless is obviously a horrendous one. So, what makes someone want to bully another? 

Well scientifically professionals say childhood and how you've been bought up play a part in it. If you've been bullied you're more likely to be a bully, scientifically. But honestly no-one probably knows the true reasons. 

Going back to the This Morning video, watching it and hearing parents' stories it really drives home just how heavily it can affect people. Why would you want to drive someone to the thought that 'I have to kill myself I can't take it.' It doesn't sit right in my head. 

It's so important to just take a minute and think about what you're saying, especially with social media as big as it is. If you are being bullied or know someone who is or even someone who could be 'becoming' a bully themselves, DON'T KEEP IT A SECRET! Speak to the person, if it's someone you know and then get them to speak someone and tell someone. Because you could actually be saving a life. It's important not to keep it in, even if you are scared of the bullies. It obviously isn't an easy thing to do at all but it is better than feeling horribly hurt. 

Bullying isn't always a subject that's massively talked about but do take a few minutes to watch the This Morning #BeKind video and share it with any youngsters/young adults you know. 

Remember don't suffer in silence. If you did want to speak to someone anonymously you can call the National Bullying Helpline on 0845 22 55 787. 

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