Monday, 16 January 2017

Vienna 2016

The second my posts that should've gone up last week is about my trip to Vienna. Yup, I decided to cram in holidays towards the end of the year. After coming back from India, I went to Vienna at the start of December with some friends. And honestly it's one of the most beautiful cities I've been too!

This is going to be post full of pictures by the way...

The main cathedral in Vienna City Centre...

There were Christmas tress everywhere. Everything felt super festive!

The Viennese love their Christmas markets as well. There were Christmas markets in every part of the city we went to. And they were all decorated so prettily. Lights, stall, decorations...the whole lot!

This is their council/government building!

A few more beautiful buildings...

Some cinnamon roll covered in sugar we tried at one of the markets. It was really yum!

Me at a building we thought looked like Hogwarts..

Handmade decorations being sold at the markets..

The posh and really pretty part of Vienna.

Before went to Vienna, we'd planned what we wanted to do and top of my list was going to a cafe called Cafe Central. I'd seen pictures of it and the desserts there looked to die for! I'm a massive dessert freak and knew I had to go to this place!

Just look....

 More pretty buildings...

Viennese Palaces.

Something they call Gluwein. It's like mulled wine but stronger and you can buy it at all the markets!

Another palace

We also visited their version of our V&A and Natural History museum. The rocks and gems were so pretty!

The streets were so pretty!

Hogwarts again

A very blog sign on top of one of the stalls.

Some games that were being sold at one of the stalls.

It really is a beautiful city. Maybe not one you'd think to visit straight away but it won't disappoint if you do. Let me know where you'd like to go this year.

Note: I'd like to credit some of these images to my friend who is a massive photographer and a pretty amazing one too! Follow him on Instagram - @travelwithniks


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