Tuesday, 10 January 2017

India 2016

I'm catching up on a few posts that should've gone out last year (bad me) and the first is about a trip to India I took in November 2016. 

My mums side of the family is out there, so we mainly went to see them and spend time with my nan, mums brother and sister and their family. It was an amazing trip and I definitely didn't want to come home.

We flew into Mumbai and then had a connecting a flight to a city called Rajkot, in Gujarat. My uncle lives here so it very much felt like home!

We spent a few days with my mums brother and then went to spend a few days with my grandmas (dad's mums) nephew. It was so much fun!
He's just moved house and lives right in front of a massive field where they grow peanuts and other food! We spent a few days with him and his kids, which was so much fun. They're a crazy bunch of kids but are so funny to be around.

We then went to visit some other relatives and I got the shock of my life, when we actually went to see some family that life and work on a farm!

That's a load of peanuts ready to pick. I did have close up pictures of the peanuts but they got deleted from my camera :( It was amazing to see how they live and what they do in their day to day life. 

On our way back we came across a farmer moving his sheep and my mum had to get out and take picture of him! haha

It had been Diwali a few weeks before we got to India, so my grans nephew (my uncle) and his kids had saved us some fireworks! 

After all of, we decided a few days of relaxation was needed and spent a couple days at a Beach in Gujarat! It was nice to relax and see more of India!

After that came a trip to the jungle! We spent a night staying in a place that was built in the complete middle of a jungle. It was such an experience. Sadly, we didn't get to see any wild animals but it was so peaceful and relaxing.

Although it was boiling hot in India (30 plus degrees everyday), in the middle of the jungle it was freezing at night. So we had to go back to basics and start a camp fire!

We also did a Safari, so we didn't completely miss out on seeing animals.

And then as we were driving came across a load of monkeys! And of course had to get out to feed them. 

After spending a couple more days back with my mums brother, we had our final stop in Mumbai! 

Considering I've been to India 5 or 6 times before, I've never been to Mumbai. We've always been to India when we've had weddings or wedding shopping to do or for some family reasons. So I wanted to tick Mumbai off my list this time!

Going to India is always a change. But I love it. It's nice to see my family and relax at the same time. If you've never been I'd definitely recommend planning a trip, there really are some beautiful parts to the country! 

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