Monday, 2 May 2016

Review: Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Blush Palette

Like most beauty fanatics, I was super super excited to get my hands on some of the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani collection. I bought the eyeshadow palette and the blush palette and wanted to do reviews of them but once I'd properly used them. 

I've been using this palette on and off (as you'll be able to tell from the state of it) with my Benefit Rockateur and have definitely fallen in love with it. 

The palette contains a combination of blushers, bronzer and highlighters and I've really grown to love them all. 

I've found they're all so pigmented, especially the two blushers (the pink shades) so starting lightly is a good tip. 

I love that there's a matt bronzer. It gives you a different option in case you aren't feeling a shimmer.

And the highlighters are so pretty too. Again, shimmers that you can build up and they definitely have longevity as I've noticed I'm still shimmering after a day at work. 

I love the shades of the bronzer especially as I have a warmer skin tone, so it doesn't look too obvious and I sometimes even get away with using it as a matt blusher. It just adds that little bit of colour to my skin and it doesn't look like I've piled on the make up. 

I really like the fact that she's picked subtle colours with build-able shimmer as highlighters rather than going for brighter golds. They're all 'skin toned' shades if that makes any sense, so they're perfect for all skin tones. 

I'm definitely impressed with her blush palette. She's picked the right combination of colours and they've all been made so well. 

Out of the two items I've tried from the UDxGwen collection, I haven't been disappointed with either. And if you still haven't got your hands on the blush palette, go and get it. What you waiting for?

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