Monday, 28 March 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Mini Lipstick Charms

So, I was in the Birmingham Selfridges over the weekend having a browse when I saw Charlotte Tilbury. I didn't realise they sold CT so naturally had to wonder over & have a look. 

I've got one of the Matte lipsticks and absolutely love it. It's not a brand I can afford but go all out on but I was there looking and really wanted another lipstick to add to my collection. When I came across a Mini Lipstick Charms Trio pack. 
Price: £29

You get three mini lipsticks from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G Fallen From The Lipstick Tree collection - Bitch Perfect, So Marilyn & Penelope Pink. 

I know everyone says it but I love some of the names, they just make me giggle. I'm a little weird but the name of a lipstick will sometimes sway me towards buying it even more. 

The CT packaging is also beautiful. It's so simple yet elegant and she's obviously picked up on the Rose Gold hype. The colour - Rose Gold - just makes you think elegance as well so it works perfectly together. The packaging might have swayed me to buying Charlotte Tilbury too. 

Like I said, they're all mini sizes but come with a rose gold ribbon attached so you can tie them and hang them from bags, keys, purses etc. At first when I opened it, I instantly thought they'd be great for Christmas trees.  I don't know if this trio was actually out around Christmas and they're just getting rid of stock. But they do remind me of little baubles just a few months late. 

Saying that, they'd be great for presents because you could split them individually or keep them as a three. 

Bitch Perfect. So Marilyn. Penelope Pink.

They might not seem like value for money because they are mini's but I've always found mini's do last a while and I love that you can tie them to something. I'm always losing lipsticks in my bags so these are great especially for on the go. I love my full size CT lipstick so I'm excited to try these and see how they look. 

I'd love to know if you've tried the CT lipsticks and what you thought. 

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