Wednesday, 30 March 2016

BBC Three: Murdered By My ... Series

Over the past few weeks, I've been watching a series of factual programmes on BBC iplayer which have been a part of BBC Three moving online.
The first one I came across when I was just browsing for something to watch and the second I saw an advert for. However they both went by the title Murdered By My ... and then a relation. 

The first one was called Murdered By My Boyfriend and just drew me in from the name. I immediately thought this is going to be uncomfortable viewing but I was intrigued. As I watched it became apparent that it was a programme about abusive relationships. 

The second is this 'series' is called Murdered By My Father and was all about relationships and honour crime. I don't want to ruin it, in case you do want to watch them, but they're both based on factual events and are absolutely brilliant. 

Never have I watched something and thought 'Oh my god, this actually happens in life.' It really hits home because it is based on factual stories. There were so many times when I thought it's so easy for the 'character' to get out but in reality it's a whole lot different. 

As I said, they both make you realise that this actually does happen and I know I wondered how it was possible for these issues to still be going on. 

They've been brilliantly filmed, cast, written and put together. It takes a lot for me to get emotional at a programme but these definitely made me. They're brilliant for learning more about both issues as they're told from the perspective of the people within the programme. 

I didn't want to give too much away about the storyline of the programmes but wanted to write a post to get across how much I loved them. If you love factual shows, I'd definitely give these a watch. They both just opened my eyes that little bit and made me think. 

BBC Three do some brilliant documentary style lifestyle programmes and I hope they add to this 'series.' 

Let me know if you've watched either of these programmes and what you thought. 

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