Sunday, 21 February 2016

Make-up Brush Haul

So I've slowly began to realise that I need to grow my make-up brush collection. But I'm always looking for alternatives to Real Techniques. 

And TK Maxx is the perfect place, I find, to get reasonably priced brushes and collections. So I popped in there a few weeks ago to see what they had.

This was the first kit I picked up. I love that they come in a holder, it makes it so much easier to take if you're travelling. I've never heard of Beauty Concepts but that's why I love TK Maxx. They have a massive range of products but they're pretty much all good quality. 

You get four brushes but they're not full sized, if that makes sense. They're smaller than standard sized brushes but I like that. It makes it easier to apply make-up to the specific areas you want. 

I've started to use them and they're really soft on the skin. And I like that the tips are white so you can tell when they need cleaning. 

I also picked us this bush kit. I always find you need multiple foundation, blush and powder brushes so I was on the hunt for them. And this kit is great. You only get three brushes but it's the 3 essential ones everyone needs. 

Again they come with a travel/carry bag which is great. And they're mini/travel size. I haven't tried these out yet but they feel really soft so I'm hoping I can't go wrong.

I find TK Maxx can be a very one time on sale with items kind of place. So if I normally see something I need I'll buy it. But I love the things they sell - you can rarely go wrong. So if you're lucky enough to see these in a shop near you I'd definitely recommend giving them a go. 

I'd love to know if you've ever tried TK Maxx brushes. 

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