Monday, 29 February 2016

Lion King at The Lyceum Theatre, London

I don't know how helpful this post will be or how much of a point this post will have. 

But over the weekend, I went to London with my mum to watch The Lion King. It's always been one I've wanted to watch in theatre. I'd heard so much about it and around Christmas, I thought I'm just going to book tickets. So I did.

And I honestly don't regret it. 

Whether you love Disney or not this is definitely a theatre show to watch. Whether you love Lion King or not it's one to watch. Without giving too much away, it's brilliant - the costumes, the acting, the music - everything. It's just how everything comes together that makes it one to watch. 

It's not a massive sing a long show but then Lion King, the movie isn't really. But they've definitely got the songs and lines you'll remember from the film. They've just stepped it up 10 notches. There's even a few jokey moments without trying too hard though. 

It's one for everyone, whether you take little children or not, you'll definitely enjoy it - well I did. 

And they definitely couldn't have picked a more beautiful theatre to have the show in. The walls and ceiling are carved and decorated with beautiful patterns and statues. It was definitely the first thing that caught my eye. 

I couldn't take pictures of the actual show but I did manage to take a few before hand so I hope you enjoy the sneak peek. 

And if you get the chance I'd definitely say go and see it. I've got a bit of a theatre bug now and want to watch more. 

Let me know if you've been to see Lion King or any others you'd recommend. 

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