Monday, 18 January 2016

Laura Geller Baked Sculpting Bronzer

I was in Debenhams last week and couldn't help buying some make up. Ever since I went in there last year I've been introduced to Laura Geller make up and have really loved her primer. 

I mentioned in a post that I went to colour match myself with the Too Faced Born This Way foundation and the beauty consultant decided to give me a face makeover. Well she used the Laura Geller highlighter and I've been tempted to go back ever since. So when I went into Debenhams last week I decided I had to buy it seeing as I'd fallen in love with it so much. 

But I ended up buying the Sculpting Bronzer by mistake. I realised once I'd opened the box that I'd been given the wrong one. I'm not complaining too much though, the bronzer has a highlighter in it too. 
Laura Geller Sculpting Bronzer; £28
If you've never heard of or tried Laura Geller cosmetics, I'd definitely recommend giving it a ago. I'm slowly starting to explore more and more of her make up and really like it so far. 

The one thing I'm not massively sure about is the brush included. One side is an angled bronzer style and the other is like the spongey eyeshadow applicators you get with palette's. I've watched so many tutorials of make up artists using this brush but I'm still not 100% sure yet. 

I've only used this bronzer once or twice so I'm still exploring but I like it so far. It's easy to build up and get the perfect kind of bronze for you. It's not cheap but if you want something new give it a go. 

I'm still a bit gutted I picked up the wrong box so might go back and buy the highlighter as well. 

Let me know if you've ever tried Laura Geller make up. 

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