Thursday, 21 January 2016

Are you on the fitness craze?

I bet so many people made a New Year's resolution to get fitter this year or go to the gym. And I bet so many of those people have already broken that resolution. 

Getting fitter, exercising, keeping in shape have all become a pretty big thing over the past few months. So how do you motivate yourself to keep at it?

Well the truth is, only you can do that. You've got to want to stay fit and get in shape. But if you are lacking motivation there's a few things you could try. 

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Buy some proper gym wear - The shops seemed to be covered in gym wear and there'ssome really nice stuff out there. You'll be surprised how buying the proper shorts/leggings/trousers/tops can make you feel more confident in yourself and want to get fitter. I'm on the hunt for some trainers next. There's so many funky colours and designs I just want a quirky pair. 

Try alternative 'exercise' - Exercising doesn't just mean going to the gym, you can swim, run, buy an exercise DVD and even do yoga. Yoga's a fabulous way to loosen your muscles, have some fun and get healthier. If you don't like the thought of people watching you, exercise DVD's are a great idea. It just means you can get fitter in your own home and there's so many out there, there will definitely be one to suit you. If not DVD's, there's hundreds of apps and Youtube videos. It's just about finding what's right for you. 

Find an 'exercise buddy' - Finding someone else to get healthier with is often the biggest motivation because you've got someone else to push you and tell you how well you're doing. Just don't stand around chatting when you should be getting active. 

Give exercise classes a go - If you're rubbish at finding the right workout for yourself, classes are great. And it's not the just usual ones I'm sure you can find classes like Zumba for something different. 

Have an end goal - Sometimes having that end goal motivates you to reach it even more. Whether it's actually to lose weight or just to tone up knowing you want to make a change and get healthier might push you to keep going. 

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You've probably heard all this before but getting healthier or going to the gym doesn't always have to be a chore. Believe me, I was the first person to say 'I don't care about fitness. I'm fine as I am'. My uni friends tried so hard to get me to join the gym with her and I always said no. 

But then for my 21st, I got a list of challenges to complete and one was to join a regular fitness class. And that was the push I needed. I then had my graduation so wanted to fit into my dress. And now I just want to keep active and healthy. I never ever thought I'd be the kind of person to willingly want to exercise. But I am. I love it because it also gives me that time out of my day for me. To forget everything else and just focus on me. I genuinely feel so much healthier and happier after going to the gym. 

And going to the gym, doing a fitness DVD, doing some yoga genuinely does make a difference. If you keep at it of course you'll notice a difference. I've been going for a months and can definitely see and feel the difference. 

So for anyone who made the New Years resolution - keep going. And for anyone whose broken it - you can get back to it. Like I said though you have to want to keep fit. But it is possible. 

Let me know if keeping fit was one of your New Years resolutions and your other ones. 


  1. Yup one of my resolutions is to get healthier and fitter. I want to try and run a 5k this year!

    1. Wow! That's amazing. I'm sure you'll do it :) x

  2. I signed up to run a half marathon this year, having not really done very much in the way of exercising for a very long time! Having an end goal and a training plan to stick to has given me loads of motivation. I'm doing the challenge with friends too, which is good as it's another reason not to drop out! Having a specific event to train for is a really good way to keep up the motivation. I'm also hoping to raise some money for the Alzheimer's Society by doing the half marathon, which would mean other people benefiting from this too!
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

    1. That's amazing. That's definitely something good to keep you motivated. It's great when you can help others too x


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