Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Saying Goodbye to 2015. And saying Hello 2016

Twenty fifteen has been one crazy year. And my god does it scare me that I'm already writing a look back post. I feel like 2015 has been the year that has taught me the most and the one where I've had to grow up. 

So much has happened, it's hard to believe how quickly its gone. 

This time last year, I was stressing the hell out about my final year at university, my dissertation, other work and general shit. Now all of that's over. 

I think finishing university has been one of the biggish milestones I've hit this year and it's taught me to grow up. I still can't believe how fast it went but it made me realise there's still so much to come. I've freaked out about finishing uni and looking for jobs. And been through that 'lack of motivation stage' about the jobs thing. Had the career and life talk about a hundred times. 

But I've definitely realised it's going to happen when it's going to happen. So it's worth remembering that when you get disheartened. 

Another milestone came in my 21st. I was so adamant not to make it a massive deal but personally it was. I think because of when it is - end of August - I'd finished university and moved back home. So it felt like that step into adulthood. I had such an amazing 21st I'd love to go back and re-live it. 

2015 has also been the year where I've realised more than ever how much my parents and family do for me and how thankful I am for everything. It doesn't take a lot to say thank you. 

It's so over said but true - when I look back to this time last year - it's hard to believe how different things were. Let's say the end of 2014 wasn't the best. I was very ready for 2014 to finish. I'd got to the point where I wanted to burst with stress, stress, stress and more but didn't for some reason. 

But the past year also made me realise if someone wants to be a part of your life, they'll make that effort to be a part. If something goes wrong there's only a certain number of times you can apologise, then it's up to the other person. You drift away and grow closer to people it's all part of life. 

You go through ups and downs and it's the people you come of the other end with that matter. I've learnt as long as you've got those few stable people around you, that's what you need. 

Regrets? Of course I've got a few regrets about this year but there's no point thinking about them. 

I've always believed everything happens for a reason and this year has only proved that.

In terms of my blog, I'm very happy with where it's at right now. I can't quite believe I did
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blogmas, even though I planned it like 2 days before. I'm at a point where I'm loving blogging and every year I say I just want to continue with it as long as I enjoy it. And this years no different. Thank you to everyone who reads my post. I only do it for me and every view I get makes me happy. 

2015 has been one crazy year and I'm still sitting here a little wow that it's New Years Eve tomorrow, the last day of the last month of 2015. I'm not going to lie I'm scared for what 2016's going to bring but I'm also looking forward to it because I think it's going to be good year as well. 

Thank you to everyone who's been there for me during 2015 and made those moments and memories special. 2016 is undoubtedly around the corner and I hope whatever happens it's a great year for everyone. 

Happy New Year. I'll see you in 2016. 

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