Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Blogmas Day 9: Favourite Winter Lipsticks

I posted my favourite nail varnish shades around winter/christmas so I thought I'd do my favourite lipsticks too. 

Red will always be a fave of mine around any time. You can't go wrong with a classic red lip whatever the time. And I'm always switching between my Natural Collection and Constance Carroll reds. They're both great but I think the Constance Carroll is now discontinued so go for Natural Collection if you want a high street brand. 


My Body Shop darker red shade definitely comes out around this time. It's great when you don't want something bright like a classic red. 

From left to right: The Body Shop shade 125. Natural Collection Crimson. NC Berry Sorbet. Kate Moss shade 08. 
I've started to branch out and try more neutral tones recently and one I'm loving is the Rimmel Kate Moss shade 08. It's a bit of a nudey pink with a shimmer. But is great for wearing during the day or with a bold eye at night. 

Also in the nudey tones, I've been using Natural Collection's Berry Sorbet. Again a pinky nude but a great one for day to night as well. 

I'm a massive lipstick person and I love changing my shades between the seasons. I'm definitely always on the look for shades I don't have. Let me know if there's any I need. What are your fave shades around this time?

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