Thursday, 3 December 2015

Blogmas Day 3: Strobing

I've wanted to get into Strobing or in other words perfect highlighting for a while but just haven't found a highlighter I love. Until someone recommended Makeup Revolution's highlighters.

So I went out and bought the trio of Radiance highlighters. I wasn't sure what to expect but I'd heard some raving reviews so was optimistic. 

And honestly, I've been loving it so far. For £8 for the trio I think it's a bargain. They're so pigmented and I love the sparkle/shine I get from them. 

Strobing is a great look for Christmas parties. The sparkle and shine just makes your face pop and stand out more than contouring. 

I also went out of my comfort zone and decided to venture away from my beloved Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. Again after reading some reviews I bought Maybelline The Eraser Eye and so far have been pleased. 

It's not as thick a consistency as Lasting Perfection but still covers my dark circles and gives my skin that bit more shine. 

I'm still fully mastering Strobing but I'm learning to like the highlighted look. I've never been a massive contourer because I have medium brown skin. Buy strobing is slowly finding it's way more and more into my routine. 

Have you tried strobing? What do you think? 

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