Thursday, 24 December 2015

Blogmas Day 24: Benefit Advent Calendar Reveal Pt 2

Happy Christmas Eve (it feels surreal saying that)

I gave you a peep at the first 5 days of my Benefit Beauty Advent Calendar. And I thought I'd round of blogmas but showing you the rest. Today was the last day I opened. And as much as I've enjoyed the calendar I'm not totally sure its worth the value for 12 days. 

They had some brilliant products but I would've loved a 24 days one. I am excited to properly use all the bits I've got though. 

Porefessional Primer, they're Real remover, Hoola lipgloss
I've used Porefessional before so I'm happy to have another primer to add to my collection. But I've never tried the makeup remover or the Hoola lipgloss. I didn't know there was a Hoola lipgloss. I'm not a massive lipgloss person but I'll give it a go. 
lollitint cheek stain, Rockateur blusher, Watts up highlighter
I'm so excited about all three of these. I've tried the lollitint already and really like it. It's not too bright but just gives you that glow. As for the other two, I've heard so much about Rockateur and Watts up, I'm hoping they live up to the hype. 

BADgal lash mascara
The final product is a BADgal lash mascara, I was kind of expecting Roller Lash to be in here just because of how popular it is. But I'm still excited to see if this lives up to the reputation of the other Benefit mascara's. 

Let me know if you had a Benefit Party Poppers calendar and what you thought. And what you thought of other beauty calendars this year. 

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