Monday, 21 December 2015

Blogmas Day 21: Last Minute Gift Guide for Her

I did a gift guide for him right at the beginning of blogmas. And it only seemed fair I did a gift guide for her. I probably should have done this earlier but other posts just came around first. 

If you have a friend, girlfriend, wife, mum, whichever female relative, you've left buying for til the last minute. Here's a last minute gift guide to give you ideas. 

Makeup might seem like a bit of a boring present. But if they're anything like me - a makeup lover - it'll be a great present. There's so many brilliant gift sets out there you can buy. It's just about finding something the receiver will love. 

The same with nail varnish. If the female loves dolling up her nails, TK Maxx have some brilliant nail sets. Just find out what shades she doesn't have. 

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Bath/Pamper sets
Bath sets are another classic for women. Most of us enjoy a good soak and pamper. So you could get a few bath bubbles or bath bombs and even some face masks.

You could even go one better and book a spa day or treatment. I know so many females who would love that.

Kitchen/Baking items

If the female you're buying for loves cooking or baking - the possibilities of what to buy are endless. You could try some cooking or baking gadgets, there's many new and techno bits out there to make it easier. 
Image credited to Tesco
Gift vouchers
I know some women may prefer gift vouchers so they can spend it on exactly what they want. It's definitely a great present if you're genuinely stuck and at least the receiver can buy whatever they really want. 

The options for what to buy are so endless - perfumes, personalised things, shoes, jewellery, concert/gig tickets, craft equipment - it could go on and on. Christmas markets are a great place to check out if you want something more personalised. But again it's sometimes about finding those little one off shops that sell the different bits. 

If you have left it this late I hope this post has given you ideas on what you could buy. 

I'd love to read other gift guides and what you bought 'for her'. 


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post, nail polishes are a great last minute extra. The Soap & Glory set you've pictured looks lovely too. I love the fact all the products can actually be taken out individually too.

    Kristy |

    1. Thank you. They're all just easily buyable bits :)

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