Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Blogmas Day 2: Things I love about Christmas

I'm a massive Christmas person and this year was way too excited way too early. I'd eaten my first mince pie about mid-October. But can you blame me they're so yummy. Anyway I thought I'd take this post to let you all in on things I love about Christmas.

1. Family

I love Christmas because it's the one time a year you get together properly as a family. You just get to catch up, no one's in a rush to go anywhere or worrying about work or whatever. It's just about enjoying each other's company and having a laugh.

2. Presents

I love giving presents as well as getting them. It's lovely when you know exactly what to get someone and see them opening it and love it. I have to sometimes control myself and try not to spend too much on presents. Oops.

3. Putting up the tree

I absolutely love putting up the Christmas tree. It doesn't feel like Christmas til it's been done and I'm always the one who does it (expect a tree reveal post). It's the one chance I get to be creative/a little crazy. 

4. Advent calendar 

Ever since I can remember I've had to have an advent calendar. I feel like a kid opening each door and counting down. I've got a Me to You chocolate one and a Benefit one this year. 

5. Festive deco

I love how pretty and colourful the deco gets around Christmas. All the Christmas lights in town and displays in shops. It makes you feel really festive and in the mood. The one thing that always amazes me is the way people decorate the front of their house. Some people go above and beyond and it's spectacular to see how much effort they put in. 

So there's my brief list of reasons why I love Christmas. It's just a great time to get together with the family and enjoy yourself. What do you love about Christmas?

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