Saturday, 19 December 2015

Blogmas Day 19: Last minute Christmas Jumpers

With only 6 days til Christmas, you might just be getting your last minute bits and one of those things might be Christmas jumpers. So here's my pick of places to try. Of course it'll be too late to order online but the shops are just as brilliant. 


I'll start with the obvious - Primark. They seem to sell more and more xmas jumpers every year and they've really gone to town this year. With jumpers that play music and have lights. However they do have 'more traditional' ones with fluffy bobbles and bows sewed on. Two I really liked, for women, were quite a simple ones - one with snowmen stitched on and another reindeers. They're really simple and perfect for those who don't like garish designs. 

For the males, I'm really liking the simple cotton and wool jumpers they have with christmassy designs. Again, they're very simple and perfect for everyday wear too. 


H&M have some trendy alternative jumpers if that's more your thing. They're not things sticking out and hanging off. It's more stitched or threaded on designed. And for women if sequins and sparkles are your thing, its the place to go. 

Topshop isn't the cheapest place to buy from. But they do seem to be having random discount days so it might be worth keeping an eye out and popping in for if you're still on the hunt. They again do the less garish and everyday christmassy jumpers. But popping into store, they have some pretty nice patterns and prints. 


Peacocks isn't a shop I go into but they do have some christmas jumpers and a place worth checking out last minute. From browsing I found the prices were pretty similar to Primark. And they do the standard christmassy garish patterns (snowmen, santa etc) as well as the more subtle patterns. 

And they have male and female jumpers.

Little shops

One of the best places to get Christmas jumpers from is any little, random, one off shops (if that makes any sense) you might have in town. We have two or three in town where I live and they so many designs and they're all so reasonably priced. Sometimes a bargain. So worth keeping an eye out for. 

Most places will sell xmas jumpers it just depends how much you want to spend. But if you have left it til the last minute I hope this pick of my favourites has given you some ideas of where to look. 

I'd love to know where you get xmas jumpers from. 

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