Monday, 14 December 2015

Blogmas Day 14: Stocking Fillers

As it gets closer to Christmas you might have done your main presents shopping but be looking for stocking fillers. There's many brilliant, quirky, useful bits and bobs you could buy. But here's some ideas just in case.


Let's start with the obvious. If you're anything like me, you'll love getting socks just as much as any other present. My feet usually tend to be cold so fluffy socks can't be given enough. Primark, TK Maxx, Asos all do some really nice individual ones and sets. Whether its simple, patterned, bright or fluffy socks there's some for everyone. It might seem like a boring present but as a stocking filler you could find some really cute ones. 

Phone cases

You can never have too many phone cases and again these make great stocking fillers. There's so many many designs you just need to find one that the person will like. I'm really liking Skinny Dip cases, although they're not cheap, they have some cute yet quirky designs. But cases can be found anywhere. 


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Again might seem like a boring stocking filler but you can get some pretty cool stationary - personalised, light up. For anyone who loves stationary it's a great stocking filler. It'd also make a nice filler for students. You could buy a personalised diary or planner or pen. Card Factory, Tesco and Paperchase all do some great bits. 

Coin purses/wallets

I got the idea for this whilst browsing through Asos. I saw a really cute Santa coin purse and thought this could make a nice stocking filler. Wallets/purses are something we use everyday and it can be nice to get one from someone instead of buying one yourself. Coin purses are a nice idea for girls just starting to save or getting some pocket money. But you could get them for anyone really. 

Other quirky fillers
Whilst looking through the Tesco website I came across a whole stocking fillers section and some of the items made me laugh. They had Puzzle toilet paper and a book called Cures for farting in bed. If you've got someone with a weird sense of humour these could be things to buy.

Images credited to Tesco online
Stocking fillers can sometimes be the easiest things to buy because they're little bits and bobs. There's so many things you could buy further from this quick selection - hair accessories, shampoos, body lotions, mini puzzles - the list is endless. But I hope this quick list has given you a few ideas. 

Let me know if you've ever got any quirky stocking fillers.

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  1. Stocking fillers is the only thing i still need to buy this years! Some great suggestions here :) Elaine x


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