Monday, 2 November 2015

Christmas Gift Ideas

I'm not sure if it's too early to mention the C word but I'm going to anyway. I walked into Boots the other day and was definitely impressed with their Christmas gift boxes and collections. And so the idea of doing a gift ideas post popped into my head. 


Let's start with the place I just mentioned. Boots have a brilliant selection of Christmas gifts from classics like perfume/aftershave gift sets to a Nandos gift. They even have a mixed selection of teas set. I've just found they seem to have more selection this year. 

I found some little stocking fillers like bath bombs, socks, lip balms and more. These would even be great put together to make a bigger present. They have a 3 for 2 offer on most of their standard Christmas gift sets. But sometimes they do one-off offers so you might be lucky and catch one of them. 

TK Maxx
I've started to love TK Maxx a lot more for their beauty items. But in general I think TK Maxx is a great place to go Christmas shopping. They do some really nice beauty sets and again you can always buy little bits to make a bigger presents. The handbags in there are amazing. My mum seems to love that place for home ware and I agree. 

I've even noticed they've started to sell gift sets for Men. And it's all so reasonably priced. 

I noticed the Superdrug gift sets collection last year and was very tempted to buy some but didn't. I was particularly drawn to some of the beauty sets. But because the Loughborough store is quite small, I can imagine they have loads more to choose from in bigger stores and online. 

There's something for everyone - kids, adults, food lovers, sweet lovers. And I bet they'll be some sort of offers happening as well. So definitely another place to check out. 

Not On The High Street is a brilliant website to look on for Christmas presents. A lot of the gifts can be personalised so you can tailor the present to the person. Everything on there is individual and unique and sometimes hand made. Let me give you an example, as a birthday present I once bought someone coasters personalised with pictures. 

It's the place to go if you don't want to buy a 'standard' gift or have a particular gift idea in mind. I've said it before but there genuinely is something for everyone on notonthehighstreet. 

Pretty much every shop will have some sort of Christmas section around this time. But they're the few places that have caught my eye recently for their gifts. It's pretty crazy that Christmas is about 8 weeks away. Maybe it's actually time to start thinking about presents. 

Let me know if you've started thinking about Christmas or even started shopping. And where you'd recommend going for Christmas gift ideas. 


  1. Oh its never to early to mention the C word! haha!

    Lovely blogpost! I am deffo going to get my christmas shopping done earlier this year!

    Francesca xx

  2. Boots do the best giftsets, I always buy a couple of Christmas presents from there. I love Lush for Christmas gifts too!

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