Tuesday, 24 November 2015

A London Adventure

Over the weekend, myself and 2 friends decided to plan a last minute trip to London. We've all just recently just graduated so as a celebration had planned to go back to our uni city - Sheffield. But as we left it til Friday (very us) to book things, we worked out it'd cost us similar amounts to go up north and down south. 

So the genius idea of London came up! And honestly it was the best day and a half which I thought I'd share with you. 

We booked a place about 20 mins from central London near Canary Wharf. 

Oxford Street
The first stop was Oxford Street. It was so pretty with all the lights and honestly I could spend a whole day shopping on it. 

Westminster & London Eye

St Paul's

Burger and Lobster
We wanted to try something new and my friend mentioned a place called Burger & Lobster. None of us had trued Lobster so we were intrigued to give it a go. The restaurant had a chain near St Paul's so we got to see that too. 

The meal didn't disappoint. Having never had Lobster before, I'm definitely going to be trying it again. The dish came with chips, salad and a really yummy garlic butter type sauce. I expected it to be really garlicy but it wasn't. If you like seafood, Lobster is one to try. And for £20 you can't go wrong considering it's lobster and you're in London.

Sushi Samba
Next came drinks at a skyscraper sushi restaurant and bar just off Liverpool Street. I know this area pretty well as I did a weeks work experience at Star magazine which is a short walk from the station. 

I used to walk past this building every day and wonder what it was. 

The Alchemist
This is a such an eclectic bar where the drinks have a sciencey feel. For example, one changes colour, another changes flavour, another bubbles. It was really intriguing to see how they make the different drinks and they tasted good.

Covent Garden
Of course I wasn't going to go to London without seeing the Covent Garden Christmas Tree. 

And that's it. It was time to come home. A day and a half in London is definitely not enough. Every time I visit this city I fall more in love and especially round this time, it looks so pretty. I can't wait for the next London adventure. 

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