Tuesday, 20 October 2015

How to Live the Chelsea Life: Obnoxious or The Truth?

Yesterday while I was watching Made in Chelsea (MiC), an advert for a programme called 'How to Live the Chelsea Life' came on, which was being shown after MiC. Being a MiC fan, I've always been pretty envious of their lives so I knew I wasn't going to miss this show. 

So for anyone who missed it, How to Live the Chelsea Life was basically about an estate agents (Capital Living) who rented properties in Chelsea and Fulham. As you started to watch you probably just thought 'wow these places look amazing' because I definitely did. 

They showed you all these luxurious houses in these beautiful areas and immediately you knew the kind of people that would buy these houses - well paid professionals. To live in that kind of area you've got to have a decent job it's common knowledge. 

However as the show went on you learnt that it wasn't the tenant who accepted whether they wanted to live there, rather the agents who accepted the tenant. 

Even before the tenant could view the room they'd have to go through a questionnaire and phone interview. My first thought - All for a room? That's a bit crazy but yes apparently. They then introduced the Manager/Owner of Capital Living- Adam -  and I'm sorry but by the end of the show I thought what an obnoxious man. I'll explain why.

Adam Goff - Manager
Both images credited to Channel 4 website
Basically, his idea of how to live in Chelsea is to rent properties to a certain type of tenant - a middle class, well paid person. It sounds okay until you hear that looks play a part in this too. He inferred himself that he looks for the blonde, thin, tall, well groomed female tenant. Hearing that very much annoyed me. Why does it matter what you look like as long as you keep the place tidy. But nope not according to this guy. 

The other thing that annoyed me was the way he spoke. The programme showed him redecorating some new offices for which he hired his regular builder/handy man. This guy was called out on another job and had to leave someone else to finish. However Adam wasn't happy with the finish, so he asked his original handyman - Sam - to come in for free and sort the job out. And threatened to not pay him if he didn't. 

The way he spoke to Sam put me at unease me a little. I don't know this Adam but he seemed like the kind of person that thinks he can get anyone to do anything for him, like he's never actually had to put in hard work for anything. Even the way he spoke to his employers, it made it seem like he thought he was better than them. 

He very much came across like he was elitist which annoyed so much. What right has he got to judge someone on how they were brought up or what they wear?! None. The sad truth is we all make judgements based on first appearances but just how picky this agency were really got my nerve. Actually no it wasn't particularly the agency it was how the Manager, Adam came across that really annoyed me. 

His strategy obviously worked because he was renting rooms, I just wasn't pleased (to be polite) with his vigorous screening process of tenants. Honestly never in my life have I heard that the agency can accept or decline you. It's like going for a job interview but worse probably. 

Even now I still can't get over How to Live the Chelsea Life. I know this is only one agency in Chelsea but my god I hope no one else decides to open another like it. Like I said by the end of it I definitely didn't have a massive liking of Adam. And scrolling through Twitter it was nice to see other people agreed. 

It was just an eye opening show that he's made a business like this work even though it shouldn't work. Let me know if you watched How to Live the Chelsea Life. If you missed it you can head over to the All 4 website and catch up. 

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