Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Carrot Cupcakes and Mint Cupcakes Recipe

I decided to get baking last week. I haven't baked in ages and used to love doing it for bake sales at school but just haven't had a reason to bake lately. But last week I thought I'd re-discover my love of baking with various flavoured cupcakes. 

I used a basic cupcake recipe and then added random ingredients in depending on what we had in the house. Cupcakes are so easy to make and experiment with but here's how I did it. I used a recipe for Cinnamon, apple and sultana cupcakes for all these bakes and just adapted the ingredients.


115g butter 
115g caster sugar
2 eggs
115g self-raising flour
1/2 baking powder
I like to measure out all the ingredients first when baking cakes and separate them. 
I then creamed the butter and sugar together until it looked paste like.
Once creamed, added the flour and egg a little at a time. And the baking powder. Because I wanted to make 2 different flavoured cupcakes I now split the mixture into 2 bowls. 

Carrot Cupcakes
I'm going to be a bit big headed here and say these were by far my favourite ones - the flavours were just right and I love carrot cake anyway. 

When I was measuring out ingredients I grated half a carrot and orange peel for the carrot cakes. So had this prepared for one half of the mixture. 
I also added a hand full of sultana's and some cinnamon powder but these are optional. And mixed it all. Simple.

Mint Cupcakes

The mint ones are even easier to make.
I just added a few drops of American Peppermint flavouring to the other half of the mixture.
I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed baking and cupcakes are so easy to make. You can experiment with so many flavours using anything around the house really. 

I also made some Coffee and mixed nut ones and Chocolate and mint ones. I wanted to take these cakes to London and my mum pointed out the 15 or so I'd made wouldn't be enough. (But I forgot to take pictures of the others). I used the same recipe just added some coffee dissolved in water. And cocoa powder for the chocolate ones. 

Butter Cream Icing

To decorate some of the cakes I used buttercream and added food colouring - Green and Orange. 


110g butter, softened
225g cream cheese
480g icing sugar
2 tsp vanilla extract


Beat butter and cream cheese until well blended
Add icing sugar and vanilla. Beat until creamy.

I added the icing sugar a little at a time because I didn't want it to be too sweet. But I'm yet to master the true art of making butter cream icing. The one I made this time was a little runny but I didn't want to add more icing sugar because it was sweet enough. Any tips? 

I decorated the cupcakes with sprinkles and coconut flakes. I loved making these and can't wait to get back into baking now. I'm definitely going to be experimenting more. And since these I've actually made some Oat and Apple flapjacks, Coffee cookies and Chocolate orange and raspberry brownies. I didn't photograph me making these but check out to my Instagram to see pictures. 

Let me know if you've been baking or what your favourite thing to bake is. I know with The Great British Bake Off everyone seems to love baking so I'd love to know what treats you've created. 

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