Friday, 9 October 2015

52 Lists. Week 7: List the Things That Make You Feel Healthy

So I'm very very very very very behind on the 52 Lists challenge I started months ago. But I'm back and I've decided instead of posting every week I'm going to make into a fortnightly thing. 

If you don't know what 52 Lists is check out my other posts. But basically every week you get a topic of which you make a list of things to go in it. This week it's things that make you feel healthy. 

I found this the hardest list so far as I've never really thought of what makes me feel healthy apart from the obvious - healthy food and drink, exercise etc. But I came up with a few ideas. I always find things like taking some time out, going somewhere different, fruit teas, fresh air just make me feel healthy.

The beauty fanatic in me - there's not better feeling than taking your makeup off after a long day either. I also find I feel a lot healthier after I've had a cold, just getting the bacteria out of me. Spa days are another great way to feel healthier. I don't do them that often but I went on one a few weeks ago and just sitting in the sauna's I felt so much better. I felt a bit like the gunk was being washed off me.

Maybe the most random on the list is quotes. I've become a massive quote person over the past few weeks and I find they just give me that little bit of motivation.

Anyway that's my list of things that make me feel healthy. Let me know what makes you feel healthy too. 


  1. A nice long walk in crisp weather makes me feel healthy!

    And you have such lovely handwriting! :)

    1. Oo that sounds like a good one. Aww thank you. I have moments when it's neat and others when it's messy x


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