Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Having that Post University Breakdown

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I don't really know the purpose of this post but I just wanted to share. So I finished university - still refusing to use Graduate until my graduation ceremony - back in June and ever since have been pretty much looking for a job. 

Only now do I realise how difficult this can be. I envy those who have applied for a handful and got one within a few months, unfortunately that's not me. 

Anyway, I hadn't been back up to my university city - Sheffield - since I finished so decided to go up for the end of Freshers Week. It was such a good weekend but I woke up on Sunday and just had the realisation that I don't belong there. It just hit me, I couldn't wait to go home. I love Sheffield but it doesn't feel like home. 

Coming home my parents asked me how the weekend was and there it was. I just broke. Broke down in tears. The realisation that my university journey is very much over. I didn't cry back in June when I moved out and hearing all the stories, I just thought 'nope don't think it's going to happen.' But eventually, 4 months later it happened. 

But that was the kick I needed to realise I've still got a whole future ahead of me. A whole new path, new journey, new doors. It made me realise uni was only one part of life and as much I loved the experience, I'm ready to accept it's over. 

Everyone will probably keep telling you how much you've still got left to experience but until you realise it yourself it's not going to make a difference. And that was the moment I realised it. 

I think everyone around me and a sad as it sounds inspirational quotes are helping. 

So my advice to anyone who's finished university or will do next year.

  • Don't have a massive panic if you don't get a job straight away
  • However don't get lazy and not apply at all and then complain you don't have anything
  • Keep applying
  • Look for other activities or volunteer work you could do whilst job hunting
  • Say your goodbye to university however late but remember you've got so much coming up
I've said it so many times university was an incredible experience but there sadly comes a point when you have to say goodbye. And open a new door. 

I guess you could apply this to any situation where you have to 'move on' - starting a new job, moving to a different city, moving to a different country....

Let me know what it was like for you finishing university and advice you'd give. 

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  1. You're right, Karishma - just as starting at university was the next phase of your life after school or college, so leaving university is the next phase of your life. There are no endings, only new beginnings, remember? And here's to the beginning of your next awfully big adventure.


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