Friday, 14 August 2015

52 Lists. Week 5: List What You Are Grateful For

Before I took a massive blogging stop, I started this series called 52 Lists and I thought I'd start it up again. So I'm back with Week 5: what you're grateful for. 

There's so many things I'm grateful for and the older I've got the more I've started to appreciate and realise just how much I have to be grateful for. 

The obvious like family, friends, the opportunities my parents have given me, how much they've done for me. The things we sometimes take for granted like health, clean water, somewhere to live.  All things I'm so grateful for. 

And then the funny little add ons like make up. I mean as shallow as it might seem I'm not sure what I'd do without mascara, concealer, eye liner. I guess I'd be less poor because my money wouldn't be spent on impulse buy make up. 

Reading back this list there's so much I've now missed off. Most importantly, One Direction. Can you imagine a world without 1D? Mind boggling right? 

Anyway, they are a few things I'm very grateful for. I'd love to know what would be on your list.

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