Monday, 6 July 2015

General University Advice

Hello lovely people,

So I know I haven't posted since May! And that's totally my fault. Uni and final year got in the way and since I've finished that my summer just seems to be flying by. But I am officially back and will definitely be posting more often. 

As I'm sat here applying for jobs it just got me thinking maybe I should write one of my 'advice' posts. (I literally love doing them. I just get to share my experiences with you.) So I thought I'd do a general uni one with a few bits I've learned. 

1) Make the most of it

I think I'm doing this the wrong way round because this is probably the one everyone overlooks. And I think I've mentioned this in most of my previous posts. Ooops sorry. But really do make the most of it. Enjoy every second. If someone asks you if you want to do something, do it. Don't brush it off and think I'll do it some other time because I guarantee you, you won't. Make the most of having that freedom and being able to do 'whatever' you want because once you start working you won't have that. A thought that scares me right now.

2) Explore your uni town/city/place

This leads on quite nicely to my next tip - explore the place you're living for 3/4/5 however many years. This is probably something I regret not doing. Get on a random bus and go somewhere. Find a random park. Go and see another part of the city. Find a different bar or club for a night out. You won't realise how quick your time goes so see as much of the place as you can. 

3) Don't prioritise your dissertation

This might seem like a stupid piece of advice because surely you'd think your disso is the most important thing ever. But IT'S NOT! I made the mistake of prioritising it over my other work and leaving my other modules til the last minute. Please don't do this. Spend an equal amount of time on all your work especially if like me all your modules including your disso are worth the same amount. 

4) Work hard play harder

A piece of advice I got given before starting uni and looking back a great one. Find the balance. Work when you need to but party when you need to too. 

There's so much more I could tell you but those are a few final tips to enjoy your time at university. If you have applied this year and are waiting for your A-level results.. Good Luck. I'm sure you'll all ace it. But also remember not getting into uni isn't the end of the world. There's so many options these days so explore them all. 

If you have applied, Welcome to the crazy journey that is uni. (Can I come along again please?) Let me know if you have any other suggestions for 'advice' posts you'd like me to do. 

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