Sunday, 19 July 2015

21st Birthday Wishlist

So I've been wondering, actually lacking, ideas on what to do for my next post when it certainly hit me, I'm 21 at the end of August so why not do a birthday wishlist. I don't want to come across as spoilt or anything but there's always something, however big or little, you kind of want. 

These are my few things...

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GHD's - I know they're just straighteners but they just work so well. I've never had enough money to buy them myself so would love some. Especially the Rose Gold ones. 

A watch - I've become a bit of a watch person recently. I've got the one in the picture - A Rose Gold Johnny loves Rosie one - but I'd love another one. I've been hinting to my family to get me a watch so I'm kind of hoping they will. 

A handbag - I think this was on my wishlist last year as well but hey you can never have too many bags right? I'm a little bit of a bag addict. I'd love a designer bag to add to my collection but I doubt that'll happen (cough cough Mulberry or Michael Kors). So to be honest any pretty bag would make me pretty happy.

H&M gift card - I'm a massive H&M addict so would love a gift card to spend in there. I'm one of those people that'll go in there and always find something I want. I went in recently & saw about a hundred things I could buy. Oops. 

Urban Decay Naked Palette - Owning a Naked Palette has been a goal for a few years and I recently (the day this post goes/went up) bought the original palette. It just looks so beautiful and I can't wait to use it. But now I want the whole collection. To be fair, any make up would make me pretty happy. 

ANYTHING One Direction - Basically as it says. Anything 1D would make me happy. Ideally if someone wants to go and get the actual guys and bring them to me that would be great. Thanks. 

Theatre tickets - One thing I really want to do is watch a show in London. I know a few people who have been to watch Lion King and said it was incredible. So it's one of those things I'd love. 

I don't think I'll get any of these things but they are on my wishlist. I'd love to know if you've got anything on your wishlist or if you've tried/got any from mine. 


  1. I've had my GHDs for years and they're such a worthy investment! Whilst other peoples straighteners need replacing these are just so long lasting.

    Also craving a mulberry!

    The Makeup Directory

    1. Yeah I think that's why I want some. They just last and are perfect for creating all kinds of styles.

      And the bags are just so pretty :( x

  2. I spot 1D, what babes. Also loving the bag! V cute wishlist, I hope you get everything <3

    1. Always love a bit of 1D. Aww thanks I doubt I'll get it all but I can hope x


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