Sunday, 19 July 2015

21st Birthday Wishlist

So I've been wondering, actually lacking, ideas on what to do for my next post when it certainly hit me, I'm 21 at the end of August so why not do a birthday wishlist. I don't want to come across as spoilt or anything but there's always something, however big or little, you kind of want. 

These are my few things...

Monday, 6 July 2015

General University Advice

Hello lovely people,

So I know I haven't posted since May! And that's totally my fault. Uni and final year got in the way and since I've finished that my summer just seems to be flying by. But I am officially back and will definitely be posting more often. 

As I'm sat here applying for jobs it just got me thinking maybe I should write one of my 'advice' posts. (I literally love doing them. I just get to share my experiences with you.) So I thought I'd do a general uni one with a few bits I've learned. 

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