Monday, 11 May 2015

Prairie Charms Goodies

So, I've not been posting in the past few weeks because I've been trying to get through the final few weeks of University. But I has some spare time and thought I'd post this. 

Quite a few weeks ago I ordered a Prairie Charms 'goody bag'. If you've never heard of them they're a handmade accessories company. I had no idea what'd come in it but for £5 I was definitely going to give it a try. Stupidly I ordered it to my home address so only opened it last weekend when I went home, even though it'd been there for a while. 

I was pretty excited to see what I got inside as I'd never ordered from Prairie Charms before but had seen some really cute things.

I had five little parcels in a shiny silver envelope. They're all so beautifully wrapped and I love that they've used tissue paper, makes it seem even more delicate & handmade. 

Each little parcel had a sticky label logo on it and they even gave me a little thank you card.

 After excitedly opening each one this is what I had inside...

Hair Tie
I love this hair tie. It's so pretty and being purple so me. I've already used it and it's perfect for throwing round a bun. 

Next was this simple but pretty necklace. I love that's an everyday one so you can wear it without feeling over dressed. I don't have a green gemed necklace either so this is perfect. 

Heart Hair Pin
I like the simplicity of this. It's a cute hair pin for day and night and I love the glittery sparkles. 

Glitter Pot
This is was the one that really threw me off. At first I thought it might be a lip balm or something but opening it found glitter. I'm not 100% sure what to do with this so will definitely have to read up on the website. But I can kinda see it being used as facial or body glitter. 

Paper Bags
I also got some spotted paper bags, I can see myself using these to wrap other people's presents when I buy small bits and bobs. 

I'm excited to use all these goodies. They're so simple but pretty and I can definitely see myself using all of these things. Check out Prairie Charms on twitter, they do some giveaways and offers on there. And if you want to buy anything yourself, give their website a check too. 

Happy Shopping.

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