Sunday, 12 April 2015

The Final Countdown

I'm writing this post with about a month left til I finish university. And honestly that scares me more than anything else I've been through so far. 

It's weird to think back to two thousand and twelve when I was stressing about passing my A-levels and getting a place at uni and moving away from home. Well, 3 years later here I am, having just handed in my dissertation (that kind of signifies the end is near) about to finish. 

If you've been there, you'll remember the first day pretty well. The waking up early, loading the car with a lot of stuff you won't even touch, the 'omg I'm leaving home' happy and sad feeling, the meeting your new flatmates moment and most of all the moment your parents leave you. 

If you're anything like me, tears would have poured from your eyes at first but then realised I've got to do this and the excitement settled in. It's a scary but exciting thing moving away from home. 

You get to live in a different place, meet new people, learn a new 'subject' and try out new experiences. You become independent and learn how to live by yourself. You definitely don't need to go to uni to experience this but if you do it's a crazy few years. But honestly after having done it for £9000, I'm not 100% sure it's worth that amount. But then it's gotta be something pretty exceptional to be worth 9k. It's a pretty big amount of money and the amount of debt I'll come out with does scare me a bit. But if you're thinking about university don't let the money put you off totally. I know uni's not for everyone though. 

But it's such a whirlwind few years of your life. Everyone will tell you to enjoy it and that it'll go so quickly. But honestly you won't realise it til you're there, in your final term of your final year. Exactly where I am now. I still remember starting in 2012 and thinking oh 2015, that's ages away. Errm, not anymore. 

So what's the next step?

Jobs, working life, internships, nine-to-five, having a career, moving away again... Yup, all of those things and more. It's pretty confusing if I'm honest. Where do I even begin to look? Do I want to move away from home? Or will I have to move away? 

I knew from the moment I chose Journalism most of the jobs I would want would be in London. But only now do I realise how scary, hard, daunting, expensive that move would be. Yes, London is a beautiful city but it's expensive. It really doesn't help that I've seen some pretty incredible jobs out there already. I don't really know where to begin. So if anyone has any advice please let me know. 

It's safe to say reality has hit me. I'm hoping everyone goes through it. The moment you realise you have no choice but to grow up and face the working world. I'm super super excited but pretty scared right now to be honest. I don't even want to think about the day of my last lecture but I know it's coming. I suppose I'll just wait for that inevitable day...

I'd love to hear your experiences of university and if you've got any advice for job hunting. 

Happy Shopping x

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