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'Fandom: the state or condition of being a fan of something or someone'
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Unless you've been hidden under a rock for the past week, you'll probably be able to guess what this post refers to and why I'm writing it. I'm talking about the news that broke many hearts - Zayn Malik has left One Direction. (sobs)

Yes, if you didn't know, I too myself am a bit of a 1D fan so initially when I heard this news was pretty gutted and shocked. Then looking back over the past year and the things he's been through I kind of understood his decision. His decision to want a 'normal life of a 22 year old.' Nearly a week later though and I'm starting to think 'are we still talking about this?' I understand why fans are angry at the latest news but leave him be. 

Anyway, back to the day the news broke... Obviously the first thing I did was search Twitter - a mixture of sad, happy, funny, sarcastic tweets filled up my screen. Meme's and old pictures of the 5 boys together being added to that. Fans terribly upset and disappointed that he'd left undoubtedly the biggest boy band around.  But most of all supportive messages and tweets 'reassuring' Zayn that Directioners still love him and the rest of the boys.

Fast forward a few days and Zayn Malik is still pretty hot news on Twitter. This time though because he's apparently left 1D to pursue his own career. Contradictory to what he said? Yeah definitely but no-one knows if he's planning on actually acting on this. Ok, so Naughty Boy did release a track with Zayn singing but apparently it was for his album and he revealed this last year. So it's not as if we didn't know they were writing together. 

But the two things that really got me...?

Louis Tomlinson's twitter spat with Naughty Boy and how Directioners reacted and the fact they got the producer to delete his track with Zayn from Sound cloud. What I took from both these incidents - how big the 1D fandom really is. 

You may think they're a bit crazy, over the top, whatever but when it comes to defending those boys, they will. When it comes to supporting them, they will. They are without a doubt, whether you want to admit it or not, one influential fandom. I mean if they can get a big producer to take down a track that's he owns and has produced - well - that's fan pressure I guess. 

I found the picture of the left last year and it just made me realise how big One Direction are and how much bigger their fan base is. And I think the past week has shown exactly that. I mean most fandoms are loyal - Beliebers, The Beehive, Little Monsters... They all stick by their 'idol' and it must be incredible to have that many people following you and supporting you. 

But as far as the Zayn Malik goes, I understand why directioners are upset at him but I think we kind of just need to leave him alone. He has made his decision and whether he starts a solo career or not that's up to him... as heart breaking as it is, he's no longer a 'standing in front of us/being on tour/recording albums' member of One Direction. (still sobbing) 

I hope you enjoyed this post. It's just something that caught me eye and once again made me realise the power of fans. I guess being in a fandom or having a fandom has it's ups and downs, maybe I'll put up a post about the pros/cons of fandoms. Let me know what you think. I hope this didn't bore you too much.

Happy Shopping x

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