Thursday, 16 April 2015

A Cafe in Loughborough: A Perfect Blend

Whilst in town one weekend, my mum and I decided to pop into a little cafe for lunch. Surprisingly, it's not really something we do. We live so close to town, we usually just wait til we get home to eat. But there are so many little places in Loughborough that after doing a bit of shopping we thought we'd treat ourselves. 

Walking through a little part called Churchgate we came across 'A Perfect Blend'. It looked cute so we decided to go in. 

So you walk in and they a kitchen in corner and a table in front with cakes and their till on. (I didn't get a picture of the kitchen) But I love the idea of seeing and smelling what you've ordered. 

They've got a few tables for you to choose from. All wooden with wooden chairs. I love the mismatch of chairs. It only works in a cafe for some reason. 

Every table has a bottle with flowers, a cute clipboard menu and a different patterned tea cup with sugar placed in. The deco is really pretty and simple but I loved the tea cup idea.

They've got a bit of a feature wall thing going on at the beck of the cafe which is quite random but it works. It adds to the pretty, eclectic feel and the fact it's bird themed works. The mirror is pretty cool and I'd definitely buy that myself.

Food wise, my mum went for carrot cake which looked too pretty to eat and tasted as good as it looks. And I went for a mozzarella, pesto and tomato wrap which came with crisps and coleslaw. Again very yummy. 

I love this little cafe and definitely plan to go back with my friends. The staff were so lovely as well checking we were ok and if there were any problems. I often prefer little cafes as the deco is always cute and mismatch but like I said works. It's definitely a place I'd recommend so if you're in Loughborough give A Perfect Blend a try. 

Check out their Facebook and Twitter.
Happy Lunching x 

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  1. I love finding cute little cafes I think they're so much nicer than like.. costa etc :) The food looks so yummy :) xx


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