Wednesday, 25 March 2015

You Can Do It

So, I wasn't planning on writing this post but I just felt I wanted to kind of just have a chat. I hope it doesn't bore you too much. 

So today's a pretty big day. Well no way near as graduation, or getting my first job, or buying my first house - I think you get the point - but to me, it's a pretty big day. 

The day I hand in my Applied Project (or you may know it as Dissertation). 


Yup, I can't quite believe, in a few hours (of writing this) I'm going to be picking up a project I've spent months doing and handing it in. We've all been there right? 

I've been thinking about this day ever since my tutors mentioned 'A Dissertation Proposal' this time last year. Basically, I had to outline and research a potential Dissertation title I could write this year. I remember being pretty set on what I wanted to look at and at that point definitely wanting to write a disso. 

The topic - How are Asian women represented in the magazines? As I did more and more research though, I found myself wondering why really is there a lack of them. I mean how often do you read Elle or Vogue or Cosmo and find an Asian model? And turning to my friend at that point, I vividly remember saying 'I'm gonna want to make this magazine next year.' 

The start of it

True to that, I thought about it over Summer and sitting and writing 6000 words just didn't appeal to me. So I decided I'd make this magazine - a fashion and beauty magazine for Asians. See, I guess we're quite lucky on our course (and you'll know this if you read my Big Projects Tips post) we have the option of writing a disso or making a 'Journalism' project like a blog, magazine, radio or TV programme. 

So after emailing my tutor my idea over summer, we all got a disso/ap (applied project) tutor back in September and honestly I couldn't have been given a more suitable one. Going to my first meeting with her, I had so many ideas and she definitely put me at ease. Anyway about 10 meetings, a million emails, hours on end in a Uni building (literally that place became my home for the past few months), a couple of very close breakdowns and a last minute panic where I almost would have cried later,  I'm finally here. 

I handed in my magazine to get printed and bound yesterday and I'm picking it up later. Nerves, anxiety, scared, exciting, relieved... I'm feeling it all, like anyone would if they'd spent ages on something. The biggest feeling though is pride. I'm proud of the fact I've made this magazine, I've written everything for it, interviewed people for it and I've designed it. It's going to be a weird feeling when I do hand it in. That'll be it, nothing more I can do it. It'll be gone. Finished. Done and dusted. 

So I guess the point of this post is to say You Can Do It. If you've got any projects or deadlines coming up - don't lose hope - trust me I've been there. Have your breakdown if you need, cry, scream, shout but don't give up. Just keep going because before you know it you'll have a something that you can be proud of. It'll all pay off in the end. 

I hope that wasn't too boring. Have you got any big deadlines coming up? Let me know.

Happy Writing x


  1. NO this wasn't a boring post! It was actually very interesting. You see I didn't go to uni so I've never experienced doing a dissertation. Sounds like it's incr hardwork! But congratulations on getting it done and submitted!

    I've not got any big deadlines coming soon other than accounts work which needed to be done yesterday. I manGed it! Got it done with a little overtime but the sense of fulfilment was great!

    1. Thank you, I just didn't know if it would interesting to anyone. Thanks, it was but happy to have it handed in.

      I know, it feels great when you finally hand something in, you've been working on for ages x

  2. This was a very inspiring post. I don't really have any massive deadlines coming up but when I was at uni I knew the feeling of being overwhelmed with the work that had to be done. It's such a relief when it's done now, and the feeling of pride when you've put your all into something and see the finished product is second to none.

    Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon

    1. Thank you. I know, it's just nice to finally have it done and in. The feeling of pride makes the stressing out beforehand worth it. x


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