Sunday, 15 March 2015

Tips To Help With Dissertations/Big Projects

For students, final year means one big D word - Dissertations. Something we all know is inevitably coming but hope never actually comes. My deadline is in two weeks. Yes TWO WEEKS. Slight panic is setting in. 

On my course, we're slightly luckier and have the option of doing something called an Applied Project (AP for short). But don't be fooled it's just as hard and time consuming. Instead of sitting there and writing 6000 odd words, you make something like a magazine, radio segment, blog etc. You get to pick the topic and have something to show for your hard work at the end, I think that's why I picked this option. 

Anyway getting back on track, it's something we all dread so as I'm going through this I thought I'd share some helpful tips. (I'm not sure how many of these I have or will stick to).

1) Don't leave it til the last minute

Whether it is your dissertation or another big project, don't leave it til the last minute. Rookie mistake. You can't write that much in a couple of days. It might seem like you're being cool but you're probably not. Besides if you are doing a massive project it might take some time to print so you'll definitely need to leave time for that. 

2) Plan your time

Something I probably need to start doing. Try and plan some time every week or day to spend on your work. Even if it's just doing research. It'll all count and planning little deadlines will mean you have things to work to and get it done little by little. 

3) Make the most of your tutors

For dissos/applied project you should get your own tutor who you can go to for help. I've been quite lucky and got someone I wanted who is perfectly matched to my AP idea. But whoever you have if you need help go to them, that's what they're there for. They've obviously been given to you because they suit the topic you've picked and will be able to help you. So use them. I mean they're not going to do your project for you but they'll be able to guide you somehow. 

4) Don't believe rumours

We've been told this by our tutors and it's very good advice to be fair. If you hear something go to your personal tutor and ask them. They'll be the one marking your dissertation so you kind of need to tailor your work to them and include or leave out what they say. 
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5) Don't prioritise this over other work

This is something we got told at the start of the year. You've still got other work, other assignments, other modules to do. Just because this seems like the most work don't put less time and effort into other work. Something I've found is quite hard to do because this is the 'biggest' assignment and I have admittedly prioritised it over other work. But don't. Give all of your assignments the appropriate amount of time and effort. 

I know how difficult, hard, time consuming, boring etc it might seem but it's something you're going to have to do. Everyone dreads their dissertation but take it as it comes, put the hard work in and it'll all pay off. Good Luck!

Happy Writing/Creating x 


  1. I could do with following all these tips! Unfortunately I can be quite lazy! Hope all goes well with your project :)

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    1. I don't think I've even stuck to these myself. haha. Thanks, counting down the days til the deadline now x


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