Thursday, 5 March 2015

Review: Sniffy Wiffy Blueberry Lotion

Reading this, you may have no idea what or who Sniffy Wiffy is. And neither did I until I went to the Bloggers Love London Fashion Week event last week. 

Meeting the lovely people there, they explained to me they sell 'homemade beauty and grooming products' (to quote their Twitter bio). So they sell body creams, scrubs, body oils etc. And the idea behind them to spread awareness of Breast Cancer and Testicular Cancer. We all use body lotions and moisturisers on our skin and they want to promote the idea of checking your skin for signs of Breast and Testicular Cancer when you use your moisturiser. 

Their lotions and scrubs even come with the option of ordering a tub which comes with a label showing you how to check yourself. And a proportion of their profits go to Cancer charities. Hearing this I loved the idea behind it and picked up a little sample they had. 

They had a small selection at the event (only now do I realise how small) and even from them I found it hard to pick one flavour. But I ended up going with Blueberry as it immediately stood out me. 

I've used it a couple times since last week but find myself wanting to save it as it's only a small tester. Stupid I know as I could just buy more when it finishes. But I'm loving it so far. It sounds a bit weird but it feels natural, soft and light on my skin. And the smell is a bonus. I have to stop myself eating it. Oops. 

Like I said I didn't realise just how many flavours they had until I went onto their website. Mango, Rose, Vanilla, Christmas Cake - imagine that, smelling like a christmas cake, definitely buying that at Christmas - to name a few. But the one that completely sold me on the product --- DARK CHOCOLATE! Seeing that they'd completely sold me on the product. They even sell Gift Sets (perfect for Mothers Day) and of course they have 'Men's scents' like Scandalwood so guys you don't have to smell of flowers and fruit. 

I just think this is such a simple but great idea and I'd definitely recommend Sniffy Wiffy if you're looking for a new body lotion/scrub/oil or even just if you want to try something new. They're totally reasonably priced too. Definitely going to be buying from Sniffy Wiffy. 

Check Sniffy Wiffy out on Twitter @SniffyWiffy and their website here.

Happy Shopping x

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