Monday, 9 February 2015

The Grammys 2015: Best and Worst Dressed

This definitely isn't a post I normally do. But scrolling through my Twitter Feed last night I saw the thousands of tweets about what the celebs were wearing. Some genuinely made me think, you've spent thousands of pounds on a dress did someone not advise you on what suits you? So I thought I'd put together a little Best and Worst list so you can see what I thought on the looks and give you a little peep into my style likes and dislikes. 

There were so many celebrities who I think looked classy and elegant and gorgeous. It was a night of sparkles mixed with some classic, simple black outfits and it was often the classic looks that won me over. But picking mt top 3 of best dressed was actually more difficult that I thought. 

1) Taylor Swift
I loved the colour clash in this outfit - the green dress and pink shoes - not something you'd think to put together but it worked. The cut out shoulder detail and high neck looked fab on her - I think high necks really suit Taylor. Teamed with the slight down the front showing just the right amount of leg. One thing that would put me off is the look of the material; it has that plasticy/firm look but Taylor pulled it off perfectly. 
2) Jhene Aiko
Jhene's outfit was a classic, elegant one. But the two tone creamy/brown of the top and bottom along with the ruffled detailed of the top made it a dress I'd definitely wear. I liked that she knew what suited her and stuck to it. A few more accessories like bracelets might have made the outfit look event better but it's still one of my faves. 

3) Gwen Stefani
Gwen went for a classic yet with a twist jumpsuit. The top's almost net like detailing added that little bit of edge and made it a classy, elegant look. She also kept the jewellery to quite a minimum. One thing is for sure, she definitely knows how to dress for her age and looks fabulous. 

There were so many other outfits that I loved - Katy Perry, Jessie J, Anna Kendrick, Beyonce but I had to keep the list short so I didn't bore you. But yeas there are my top 3 best dressed now for the worst.

This is actually what prompted me to write this post - looking at pictures of millionaires and thinking I know you want to be brave and different but do you not know what kind of look suits you and what doesn't. Here's a few I wasn't so keen on. 

1) Rihanna
Every website/magazine/blog has said it but it's true. This look just drowns her out I think. It's too OTT and big, you can barely see her face in all the fanned out layers. As OK Magazine said, "Rihanna's dress has been likened to a loofah, candyfloss and an ice-cream" Harsh but true. I don't think baby pink in that size is RiRi's colour. Something that showed off her figure would have definitely suited her better. 
2) Kim Kardashian
Although I loved the sparkle and glitter of this outfit, it looked a bit like a long dressing gown with a belt with added details. I guess what I;m trying to say is I wasn't a fan of the style of the dress. The fact that the sleeves covered her hands just made me think it was too big for her and I wasn't keen in on the low neck/high front split thing - I think you have to be careful when doing this and although Kim K has got an awesome cleavage I still would've kept a balance. Another thing - her hair. When I saw her chopped locks I loved them but here she looks like she's just woken up, a bit sleeker would've been the angle I went for. 

3) Charlie XCX
She could have made this look work but the pink bow tie and fur turned me off it. They made it look a bit dress up and less elegant. If she's kept it simple it probably would have looked so much better. The pink shoes and white tux look would have worked well without the rest I think. 

There were a few others I was on fence about. I liked Iggy Izalea's dress but the weird braid hairstyle wasn't for me. Similarly with Rita Ora - I liked the sparkly dress but it didn't suit her short blonde hair. I think I prefer Rita with longer hair. 

But there you go a quick round up of my top 3 best and worst dressed at the Grammy's. 
What were your favourites and least favourites?
Happy Shopping x

[Images credited to Buzz Feed and OK!]


  1. I don't even like Taylor but you've got to hand it to her, she pulled off a very daring look :) xx

    Magpie Jasmine

    1. I've grown to love her. Her songs are so catchy. She definitely pulled it off x


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