Thursday, 15 January 2015

Tips for Getting Through Your Exams

A while ago I said I was going to do a little 'Tips for different university things' series. Unfortunately, I've been appalling at blogging that past few months and didn't do any of that. But coming across that post got me thinking on how to start that up again. 

So January usually means one thing for not just University but other students as well - Exams. By no means am I an expert in advice giving but here are a few tips from someone whose been through it as well.
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1) Leave enough time to revise.
An obvious tip, right? It might be too late if you've already had an exam but don't start learning everything now for an exam next week. It might work and you might do well but I wouldn't advise it. Give yourself enough time so if you don't understand something you can ask for help. 

2) Don't over revise.
You might think too much revision can never be done and that's true sometimes. But other times you might just hit a brick wall and think 'Nope, no more is going in.' That's when you need to take a break. Don't sit there for hours revising something that you're going to forget two minutes later because you've been staring at it for too long. Taking a little break is important. Try not to cram it all in, in one go. 

3) Get enough sleep.
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If you're anything like me, it probably won't be sleep just stress and nervous sleep. But, getting a good nights sleep before your exam is important. I bet you've been told it by everyone but you don't want to turn up half asleep and fully alert. It's hard to put down the book the night before an exam because you want to make sure you know everything. However set yourself a cut off time and wind yourself down. 

4) Take a watch into the exam.
A watch - not something I wear everyday but during exams they can be a life saver. As my surname begins with R, I've always been seated at the back of an exam room so wearing a watch helped me with time management. It's easier to have it in front of you rather than have to ask or sometimes look up to the main one. Similarly, taking a bottle of water is a good idea. It'll just help refresh you, especially if you're stuck in a room for 3 hours. 

I hope those quick tips help you with any exams or tests coming up. Just try not to stress and take each one as it comes. You can only do your best, no one can ask for any more. Let me know if you have any other tips for exam stress. 

And Good Luck! 
Happy Revising x


  1. The night before the exam should be a good rest and then it will be easier to take the exam.

  2. I see you are very experienced in this but we all should have some plan B if the test is too difficult.

  3. Your tips are the right thing for me. I am pleased to have got some help from you.


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