Friday, 16 January 2015

52 Lists. Week 1: Words That Touch Your Soul

So a few days ago I was just browsing the web and I came across a post called '52 Lists'. Clicking on it to find out what it was, I found myself sitting there for a good few hours searching for and reading other similar posts. An idea started by Moorea Seal, you make one list every week for the next year with topics she suggested. The idea is to look back at the end of the year and see what you've written and 're-live' the memories. So you have 52 lists for 52 weeks. 

It's something that she did last year but I loved the idea of it, that I've decided to do it now. I know we're 3 weeks into the year but I'm still going to start at Week One. Every week for the next year, I will be posting a 52 Lists posts, starting with Words that Touch Your Soul
You can obviously read what's on my list but without boring you, I tried to keep it short with the first few things that popped into my head. Because even as I write this now I can think of a few more I'd add. But I wanted it to be an instantaneous thing otherwise I'd probably go on for ages. 

Everyone has different words that touch the soul. Maybe be obvious like Family, Friends, Love etc. But also the personal, so for me blogging had to be on there - it's something I do for me that I love - it's my passion hence why that's on there too. I know parents come under family but I just felt like they had their own place. They've done so much for me that they'll always 'touch my soul'. I've only just started these 52 Lists Posts but it's already got me thinking. And I can't wait to look back at the end of the year and see all of them together.

Have you tried this before? What would be on your list? 

Happy Shopping x


  1. A couple of them: parents, siblings, love, smile from a stranger, kindness.
    I never heard about this thing before. It's such a great idea to post on the blog, though.

    1. Yeah it was just something I came across and thought I'd have a go at. You should try it too x

  2. I really liked your idea of creating a list, I probably also try to do it. It will be very interesting for me.

  3. I see you have a family in the first place and I think it is great. At the end, family is all we all got.


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