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Zoella and The Independent

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Ok so I wasn't really planning on blogging about this. I know so many people have already written posts on it. But I had this discussion with a friend and it just got me thinking. 

I re-read the 'Of course, teenage girls need role models - but not like beauty vlogger Zoella' article by Chloe Hamilton and other blog posts on the topic and looked at it in a different way. 
 I understand the point Chloe is trying to make but she didn't need to be rude about the way she came across. Some of the things she said were a bit out of order and surely she's an intelligent enough woman to realise she probably shouldn't have posted that article. 

'...a name so irritatingly Disney-fied it makes my stomach churn: Zoella.' 

Did she really need to say that? 

Like I said I understand where she's coming from but I'm not surprised the article got this many responses. Zoella aka Zoe Sugg has a massive following who look up to her and would of course instantly defend her. 

Me, myself, I definitely admire her work. A girl from small town in Bath, starting a You Tube channel and a few years later having her own book out, her own beauty range, is of course something a lot of bloggers dream about. But the point that she's been called a 'bad' role model is uncalled for. 

The videos she makes are those suggested by her viewers therefore it's content they want to watch. Furthermore, when she does tutorials she more than likely will say 'feel free to use less makeup' or 'change the way I'm doing this'. Therefore to say she has contradicted herself by saying "When you're younger you worry about so many things you don't need to worry about like image, appearance", I don't think is entirely true. 

She always says this is the way she does it and that her audience can change and adapt things to fit their routine or products. Her followers want to see her Morning Routine for example but that doesn't mean they have to copy it exactly. I'm sure the majority, if not all, of them understand this. 
I admire the way Chloe compliments Zoe's work with Mind - albeit in a small way. Her anxiety is something she finds hard and the fact she's helping others out is great. 

However I still don't agree with the rest of the piece. Zoe creates content that her viewers want and constantly specifies that is her way of doing something. I don't like the way she's picked at one vlogger/blogger and then that the piece got published. 

You have to remember she's human like the rest of us, he just happens to have a different career. Whether you're a Zoella fan or not, the amount she's achieved is definitely something her followers look up to. 

Disclaimer: I know this not the kind of thing I usually post but it caught my eye. The opinions in this are my own. 
Til next time Happy Shopping x

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