Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Tips for University Preparation

I know there are so many blog posts on tips for university or freshers and most of them probably say the same things. So I've decided to add myself to that list. But instead of talking about tips for the whole year, I've started with tips on preparing for university and the lead up to the big day. 

So here goes.. 5 tips for university preparation. 

1) Make a list of things you need. 
Something so simple but lists will become your best friend in the lead up. Let's face it, it's the easiest way to remember what you need to get and what you've got. I find splitting into sections like Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom always helps. Don't do a me though and forget to tick something off when you've got it. Oops. 

2) Be organised.
I guess this kind of leads on from No1. But organisation is key whether you're starting first year or third. I'm not just talking about shopping and things you need to take. But if you're a Fresher sort your accommodation and student finance out as early as possible. At least then if something does go wrong you've got time to sort it out. I might sound like your parents but it's true. Being organised will make everything a bit simpler. 

3) Don't take everything.
I'm talking about clothes here. I've made the mistake of taking pretty much all of my clothes to uni the last 2 years and I haven't learned this year either. Although I am beginning to wonder now. I don't wear it all and it takes up room. I think it's just worth being selective. You can always do a trip home to pick up some more or something. If you've read my homeware posts you'll know I've become a bit obsessed with buying homely things this year. I've had to stop myself buying much more than I've actually bought. And I think I'm learning. There's nothing wrong with taking these things just don't go too overboard would be my advise. 
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4) Enjoy the most of your time at home.
You might be thinking this is stupid because you can't wait to leave home, start somewhere new, meet new people, become independent... But I guarantee you, there will be a time when you miss home. Whether its the food, the clean clothes, having someone to do things for you, even just the comfort of your bed. You'll miss it and you might not have the money to come home every few weeks. So enjoy it. Look forward to the next big step but make the most of your time at home. 

5) Don't panic.
Probably the most important advise you'll get. Don't panic if something goes wrong. If you're worrying about not being given accommodation yet, your timetable, your induction etc.; don't. Ring up the university and I'm sure they'll help in some way. If you're panicking about not having everything; don't. Check your lists, it'll be there. Keep Calm and Don't Panic as would be said. 

There you go. A few tips to help you prepare for university. It's such an amazing experience and trust me you won't want it to end. But it requires preparation before you actually move in and I hope this has helped a little. 
Are you moving to university this year? Are you already at university? What do you think is important before you move in? Let me know.
Til next time happy shopping x 

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