Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Tips for Freshers/Introduction Week

A few weeks ago, I started a little series of 'University tips' posts with the first one about Preparation. So I'm back with the second and a few tips on how to approach freshers/intro week. 

1) Go to your lectures
Intro and welcome lectures may seem pointless but they can also give you important information. For example, exam dates, assignment deadlines, course structures and you might get to meet a few lecturers. So don't think I can get all that information from someone else, go to it yourself. It'll also be the first time you meet the rest of your course which is important. 
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2) Talk to others on your course
Of course doing this requires you to follow tip 1. I know it can be daunting walking into a room of strangers, all by yourself on your first day of uni, but you have to remember everyone is that boat. No one knows each other yet so even if it's just a 'Hello' try to say it to someone. I mean you're going to be studying together for the next few years you're going to need to talk to each other someday. 
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3) Have a little cry/down moment
Whether you want to admit it or not, everyone will miss home at some point in the first few weeks of uni. Even if it's just the little things like clean clothes, cooking, your own bed etc. So don't feel embarrassed if you need a few minutes to yourself. I bawled my eyes out once my parents had left me at uni. It's just a way of getting things out. 

4) Join societies
Most ex/nearly ex-students will say this to new ones. Again, it might be embarrassing but it's not. It's just getting together with other people who like doing the same thing as you. Societies are great way to meet new people and even learn new things. Plus you have fun. Universities have so many different ones from Film to Tea Appreciation, you've just got to find the one you like. 

5) Enjoy it
Simple advice that you've probably been told a million times. But honestly coming from someone who's been there. Enjoy the first few weeks because even people say first year is the least hard, you still need to put time and effort into it and the work will slowly start to creep in. 
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So, there you are. My five tips for the first few weeks of university. There are probably loads more so let me know if you think of any. Are you a new student let me know your thoughts too. 
Happy University-ing. (haha clever me) 

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