Monday, 8 September 2014

#NewarkBloggerMeet Goodie Bag

If you've read my other post, you'll know I went to a Newark Blogger Meetup a few weeks ago. Well, the lovely host Frankie gave us the cutest goodie bag. I just love the bag. But here's a little peek at what was inside. 
W7 Mascara and Lipstick. Essence Lipgloss and Compact Powder 
This deep red/maroon colour is perfect for autumn/winter. I'm a lipstick addict so it's perfect for me. Can't wait to use all of these products. 
I've used these Facemasks and they're great. I love the different 'flavours'. I always want to eat them though. Oops. 
Batiste Dry Shampoo
You never know when you'll need Dry Shampoo and even though I haven't tried Batiste (shock horror), this is a great little add. 
Cocoa Brown Fake Tan
Although I won't be using this myself, I'm sure I'll find a friend who can make good use out of it. Supposedly a good tanning product though. 
Nanshy Eyeshadow Brush
I'd never heard of Nanshy until I received this but from first feel of the brush, it's so soft and definitely looks like a good brush. I've even thought about buying their other brushes. I'm sure this one will serve me well though. 
Jacy and Jools
I found it so hard not open this goodie as soon as I got it. It wrapped in lovely pink tissue paper in a paper J&J bag. Neons are so in at the moment and you can wear bracelets with everything. I'm thinking Freshers Week UV rave might be the one for this. I hope I don't lose them!
Lylia Rose Earrings
I also found some Lylia Rose earrings in the goodie bag. I'm assuming this was accidental but the fact that they are Butterflies makes me love them even more. The look so delicate but pretty. 
No goodie bag is complete without some snacks in there. The first was Popcorn. Yum. 
Handmade cookies
These were by far the cutest thing included in the goodie bag; Pizza shaped and decorated cookies. They were so moreish and had to stop myself eating them at once. Props to Frankie for making these from scratch. 
Jelly Belly's
Another snack to make me fat. Still working my way through the packets. 
Kiss Air Oil Burner Wax
The final little find in the goodie bag was this oil burner wax. Firstly can I just how cute; it's heart shaped. And secondly, it's not just any scent but Blueberry Cheesecake. Heaven! I can smell it from the packaging and it smells yummy. Definitely can't wait to use that. 

As I start to use some of these products a bit more, I'll post some reviews. But thank you again to Frankie for organising such a brilliant day. And to all the brands that gave us something inside the bag. I can't wait to use/eat/try them all. 
Til next time happy shopping x 


  1. You got some great goodies! The Essence stuff looks fab, and Nanshy brushes are wonderful! :) xx

    Velvet Blush

    1. It was definitely a great one. Can't wait to start using the Nanshy brush, it feels so soft! x


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